Tuesday, November 24, 2009


Brief ‘Avatar’ interview with Horner posted

Hollywood Dailies has posted a brief interview with composer James Horner, shot during the last day of scoring sessions for the much anticipated James Cameron sci-fi epic Avatar. The video features several quick glimpses of the big orchestral score, with the 56-year old Horner conducting the orchestra wearing a baseball cap. Horner says that he was allowed to work exclusively on the film for about a year and that Cameron didn’t want him to work on other projects during the time. “He did’t want me to dilute it,” Horner comments.

Click HERE to view the video interview, originally linked at moviescoremagazine.com

Also, check out a first review of the score, hosted on empireonline.com

"As you would imagine — and even on the tiny speakers we heard them on — the music is huge in scope and heart. Mirroring the film’s dynamic of technology vs. the spiritual, the music splits between synthesised and acoustic instruments, the entire orchestra getting a thorough workout: everything from South American instrumentation to solo violin, choral chanting to driving percussion gets a chance to shine."

Read the full article here, at Empire.

Also there are FULL SOUND CLIPS FROM EVERY TRACK of the score CD, by going to this website HERE.

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