Sunday, November 8, 2009

JAMES HORNER's 'AVATAR' score CD details

The much-awaited score for AVATAR by James Horner is slowly taking form...

Track list for AVATAR (The Score):

1. „You don’t dream in Cryo…“

2. Jake enters his Avatar World

3. Pure Spirits of the Forest

4. Night Iridescene

5. Becoming one of „The People“, becoming one with Neytiri

6. Climbing up « Iknimaya – The Stairway to Heaven »

7. Jake’s First Flight

8. Scorched Earth

9. Quartich

10. The Destruction of « Home Tree »

11. Shutting Down Grace’s Lab

12. Gathering all the Na’vi Clans for Battle

13. War

14. „I see You“

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