Saturday, March 6, 2010

Upcoming MOVIESCORE MEDIA releases.

Here's a short list and descriptions of upcoming MovieScore Media releases, as quoted by the label's head, Mikael Carlsson:

HIERRO - Zacarías M. de la Riva
An exquisite, serious orchestral score from the composer of "Imago Mortis" (which received an IFMCA nomination!). Beautiful piano themes, colourful writing primarily for strings, some Penderecki influences... this is the kind of score that goes between tension and release in that very emotionally rewarding way!

SHIVER - Fernando Velazquez
This is a large orchestral horror score in the "gothic" tradition, written for the Spanish horror film "Escalofrio". Velazquez came to international prominence with his music for "The Orphanage," and "Shiver" is equally exciting and impressive especially in its extremely colourful orchestrations. (We are in fact working on licencing the rights to more scores by Velazquez who is a fantastic composer.)

UN TICKET POUR L'ESPACE (A Ticket to Space) - Erwann Kermorvant
Big, entertaining sci-fi score which pays big tribute to the Hollywood classics. French composer Kermorvant, whose score for "La premiere etoile" we released as a download last year, has whipped up a truly exciting score for this French comedy, playing the drama and action straight à la Bernstein. Hints of early Horner in the majestic themes, and Goldsmith in the pounding action. Not to be missed. A new entry (finally) in our Discovery Collection!

BIG CITY - Erwann Kermorvant
If you like your western scores big and sparkling, this one is for you. With a nod to Broughton's "Silverado" and of course the classics by Alfred Newman and Dimitri Tiomkin, Kermorvant's score for this French family movie plays like a "real" western score, with a lot of great themes (including a memorable waltz!) and exciting action music.

LES DEUX MONDES - Richard Harvey
This French time-travel adventure comedy featured a real pot-boiler of a score by Richard Harvey ("Luther," "Death of a President," "Animal Farm," "Arabian Nights"). Written for large orchestra and chorus, this epic score makes use of ominous chants, pounding percussion and lots of brass. It has been released as a download only before, but we felt this one really deserves a CD release for collectors to enjoy!

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