Tuesday, March 23, 2010

International Recording Artist Zera Vaughan - Shines with Vision and Vibe on “The New Seed” Artist Donates Song to Greenpeace

It is becoming more and more common for singer/songwriters and film composers to collaborate on music together. French film composer Cyril Morin produced, arranged and performed on singer/songwriter Zera Vaughan’s “The New Seed.” Cyril has composed almost 60 soundtracks and many albums where he blends and mixes versatile sources of inspiration with the project he is working on. The collaboration of two individuals, with such diverse backgrounds within music, produces an outcome that’s synergistic energy can not be replicated. Thus is the outcome of Zera Vaughan’s “The New Seed.”

Full press release as follows:
Poetic, hypnotic and transcendent: The New Seed from singer/songwriter Zera Vaughan is a rich sonic tapestry of electronic beats and transfixing melodies. Created with the noted French producer/composer Cyril Morin and featuring international musicians, the spacious sound is a sparkling showcase for Vaughan’s confiding vocals. In Hebrew, the word “zera” signifies “seed,” which inspired the title The New Seed. It is against a soundscape of harmony and hope that Zera Vaughan imagines an exquisite harvest. Vaughan received a Hollywood Music in Media Award nomination for Best New Age/Ambient Artist for “Release the Chains” from The New Seed. “Empty Spaces,” also on The New Seed, aired on the 18th Episode of the WomensRadio Music Review Podcast (available on iTunes), and Vaughan was chosen as one of WomensRadio’s Hot “Up-N-Comers of 2010.” Recently Vaughan attended the Golden Globes and garnered much attention from the media on the red carpet. The New Seed is available on iTunes, Amazon.com and for film and TV licensing.

Vaughan explains, “The New Seed expresses my concern for the environment; water and air are the most important elements in our existence. We’ve stepped away from respecting the basics in life.” Vaughan is passionate about protecting the planet. All proceeds from sales and licensing of the song “Release the Chains” on The New Seed will be donated to Greenpeace. Vaughan’s CD release concert in Hollywood was also an awareness event for Greenpeace. The CD is packaged in a biodegradable case made from recycled paper and biodegradable ink.

Born to a Tunisian mother and an English father, Vaughan, raised between two cultures, studied classical and Middle Eastern music, opera, and ballet, before she began performing American pop and jazz in clubs. Studies in music at the Paris Music Conservatory and Psychology at the Sorbonne alternated with recording sessions in France. It was on holiday in London that Zera first experienced the orchestral electronic trip hop of Tricky, Portishead and Massive Attack, influences that would become, she says, “building blocks for the music that I had been hearing in my head.”

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