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Bear McCreary's wonderful musical universe for the Battlestar Galactica series continues in equal qualities as what we've used to, this time with the release of his original musical accompaniment for THE PLAN/RAZOR.

From Wikipedia, we get the following info on the series: Battlestar Galactica: Razor is a television film of the re-imagined Battlestar Galactica television series. It premiered in the United States on Sci Fi Channel, in Canada on the Space channel and in the United Kingdom on Sky One.

As for Battlestar Galactica: The Plan, this is a made for television movie set in the reimagined version of the fictional Battlestar Galactica universe. It consists of newly filmed material as well as a compilation of footage from the TV series and miniseries.

The story is retold with more emphasis on the Cylon perspective, and their plan to wipe out the human race. The story follows two versions of Cylon known as Cavil, with one admitting they may have made a mistake with the story being told in flashback. The "Final Five" Cylons are featured prominently.

The film premiered exclusively on DVD, Blu-ray and digital download on October 27, 2009.[1] It premiered in January 10, 2010 on Syfy.

Amazon has this info on the CD release of the score:
Product Details
* Audio CD (February 23, 2010)
* Original Release Date: 2010
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Soundtrack
* Label: La-La Land Records

Track Listings
1. Apocalypse (Theme from The Plan) - From The Plan (4:06) Featuring Raya Yarbrough, vocals
2. Razor Main Title - From Razor (2:13)
3. Arriving at Pegasus - From Razor (2:27)
4. The Plan Main Title - From The Plan (4:33)
5. Attack on the Scorpion Shipyards - From Razor (3:37)
6. Apocalypse, Pt. I - From The Plan (6:36)
7. Apocalypse, Pt. II - From The Plan (2:35)
8. Pegasus Aftermath - From Razor (4:09)
9. Kendra's Memories - From Razor (2:43)
10. Mayhem on the Colonies - From The Plan (3:28)
11. Civilian Standoff on the Scylla - From Razor (2:56)
12. Husker in Combat - From Razor (1:54) Contains Theme from Battlestar Galactica by Stu Phillips and Glen A. Larson
13. Major Kendra Shaw - From Razor (5:03)
14. Cavil Kills and Cavil Spares - From The Plan (2:12) Featuring Raya Yarbrough, vocals
15. The Hybrid Awaits - From Razor (2:43)
16. Kendra and the Hybrid - From Razor (6:06)
17. Princes of the Universe - From The Plan (3:56)
18. Starbuck's Destiny - From Razor (0:39)
19. Apocalypse (Theme from The Plan / bonus Live Version) (6:24) Performed by The Battlestar Galactica Orchestra

Product Description
Bear McCreary's Battlestar Galactica music lives on with this all-new, premiere release of his exceptional scores to the Galactica feature-length TV events The Plan and Razor. Both of these television films, based on the hit series, play a crucial role in fleshing out the key backstory in this now-classic, dramatic sci-fi saga. Composer Bear McCreary relishes the creative challenges both films present, expanding his riveting Galactica musical arsenal in new and exciting directions. This special soundtrack presentation features the scores to 2009's sensational The Plan, directed by Edward James Olmos, and 2007's acclaimed Razor, both of which are available now on DVD in stores everywhere. The Plan airs on SyFy Channel in January 2010.

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