Saturday, March 30, 2013

To The Wonder, the score to the new Terrence Mallick film by composer Hanan Townshend (2013)

Terrence Mallick is one of the most respected auteurs of modern cinema, and has often created controversy among film music circles, as he's known for his sometime odd musical choices. Frequently, he will employee a famous film composer (like Zimmer, Desplat or Horner) to write a full original score for him, only to chop it off in the mix and replace it with Wagner or other classical source music. The exception being Hans Zimmer's brilliant score for Mallick's THE THIN RED LINE, which has long proven the composer's best score to date. Often though, whatever his musical choices, Mallick's audio-visual spectacles are top. 

So, let's see what will come out of this new film, To The Wonder, which gets an Original Motion Picture score by Hanan Townshend


To get an idea of the film, view one of the many trailers available, here:

    Original Release Date: April 9, 2013
    Label: Lakeshore Records
    Copyright: (P) 2013 Lakeshore Records
       Total Length: 56:31

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