Saturday, March 30, 2013

HANS ZIMMER's "MAN OF STEEL" is coming via WaterTower Music (2013)

Everytime Zimmer gets a major new assignment, post-2000 especially, he often re-invents the whole modern hollywood film music sound. In Gladiator and a bit later on with BlackHawk Down, he showed the world that middle-Eastern sounds, wailing vocals and the Duduk when combined with modern western orchestral elements, can be awesome. Something that still keeps strong to date. 

In 2005 he introduced the Batman Sound for Christopher Nolan's trilogy, which virtually re-designed all the hip-film music traits to date and gave birth to countless clones, good or bad, and of course the ever-cool trailer music sound so many companies and groups of composers are creating to date. 

Then it was Da Vinci Code and Angels and Demons, and later on his Lorne Balfe collaborations which gave birth to the whole Inception / Tron Legacy sound (by Daft Punk, which he produced in his studios) which is no.1 trend since 2010. And now, comes Man of Steel, the Zack Snyder / Christopher Nolan modern (and possibly grim) version of Superman. Let's see if the music follows this pattern again. 

As we learn via filmmusicreporter and, WaterTower music is going to be releasing the score, with a release date for the Audio CD, of June 11, 2013. Stay tuned as more info becomes available. Source:

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