Saturday, March 2, 2013

Listen a small suite from the newly re-released score for MARK McKENZIE's "DURANGO" (2009, 2013)

In honor of St. Patrick's Day (March 17th), Hallmark Hall of Fame is digitally re-releasing the sold out soundtrack to McKenzie's 1999 Irish film Durango.

Durango reached a billion listeners around the world at the 72nd Academy Awards "In Memorium" tribute and now countless millions as the closing titltes music to each and every new Hallmark Hall of Fame movie premier. 

Having Durango available as a didgital download from the longest running and most honored TV movie series in the USA, makes at least one Irish heart happy; and that's McKenzie's heart!

Durango" was the directorial debut of the award winning director and producer Brent Shields. It is one of the early symphonic scores composed by Mark McKenzie. The film tells the story about a young Irish man named Mark who learns that love and life are more than warm feelings and provision for self.  As he courageously drives cattle across the Irish countryside in the early 1940's he learns that love requires selflessness, responsibility, hard work, passion and tenderness.  Through risk taking, generosity, humor and personally taking responsibility for his circumstance, he musters the courage to stand up for what's right and lead others in the face of powerful opposition.

Produced by Richard Welsh, Brent Shields and Brad Moore the film starred Academy Award winning actress Brenda Fricker, Matt Keeslar and Nancy St. Alban.  The music was orchestrated by Mark McKenzie and Patrick Russ, and was recorded in the historic city of Prague using a 70 piece symphony orchestra, pan pipes, penny whistle, uilleann pipes and the traditional bodhran drums.  Credit goes to Recording engineer Jiri Zobac,  Mixing engineer Armin Steiner, Music editor Chris Ledesma and copyist Gregg Nestor.  The composer invites you to join him on his website and on facebook at Mark McKenzie Music. 

Listen to a small suite, courtesy of Mark McKenzie, HERE.

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