Tuesday, September 11, 2012

RAMIN DJAWADI scores another "MEDAL OF HONOR" game

After his highly different (compared to his usual output) and surprisingly melodic score for 2010's "MEDAL OF HONOR" reviewed here, the comopser returns again to the franchise to score the new installment entitled: "Warfighter" along with Linkin Park's (!) Mike Shinoda (who did THE RAID:Redemption recently). 

UPDATE: Sound clips here.

Here's the cd cover: 


1. For Rabbit

2. Deploy

3. NOC Out

4. Lena’s Theme

5. Kit Up

6. Restless Natives

7. Blackbird On a Wire

8. Bridge the Gap

9. Saa’iq

10. The Raid

11. Force Multiplier

12. Old Friend, New Foe

13. Victory At Sea

14. Resolve

15. Green Light

16. H.A.H.O.

17. Medal Run

18. For Mother

19. Buzz in the Air

20. Lena’s Dream

21. With Honors

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