Saturday, August 18, 2012

Zeltia Montes' score for VILAMOR wins NYCFF award for Best Score

Vilamor sweeps the New York City International Film Festival with awards for Best Score and Best Cinematography

The New York City judges confirmed their recognition for Zeltia Montes with the Award for Best Score and for Alberto Díaz "Bertitxi" with the Award for Best Cinematography, for their work on the Spanish film Vilamor at the Closing Awards Ceremony of the NYCIFF celebrated yesterday at 8:30pm (local time) at the Angelika Film Center (18 West Houston St, New York).

"The soundtrack for Vilamor was a true challenge for me. This award proves that there is still room for originality and creativity in today's musical scores and that the only way to reconnect with the spectators' soul and to give them a unique experience in cinema is by way of innovation and risk-taking," explains Zeltia Montes. 

This is the first award Zeltia Montes has received for Vilamor, however, it is the sixth that she adds to her collection working with filmmaker Ignacio Vilar. Montes, graduate of Berklee College of Music, earned five awards for Pradolongo, among which include the Gold Medal of Excellence granted by the director of the Park City Film Music Festival in Utah, USA, and the prestigious Jerry Goldsmith Award bestowed by an international jury at Ubeda Music Film International Festival (Spain). 

The instruments and the melodies of the film’s music are intended to transmit the spirit of the original commune in Negueira de Muñiz (Lugo, Galicia), the original inspiration for Vilamor. The Past, Freedom, Wildlife, and Love are four of the key themes that comprise Vilamor’s musical score. The main track of the film, featured with vocals and as an instrumental version, is inspired by the poem O Sol da Liberdade (The sun of Freedom) by Manuel Antonio and is included in the Galician poetry book De Catro a Catro. The score was performed by the Kiev Symphony Orchestra and 12 other musicians and was recorded and mixed at Estudios Bruar de A Coruña (Spain).

Regarding the film's photography, "this award serves as recognition of the role that photography plays as an key element in making the story behind Vilamor so engaging to our emotions" states Alberto Díaz "Bertitxi", director of photography. After Pradolongo, this is the second film in which he has worked under the direction of Ignacio Vilar.

On account of this promising ensemble, Vilamor’s production company, Vía Láctea Filmes, is confident that these distinctions will facilitate the film’s distribution in the United States, and therefore contribute to the promotion of Galician history, language, countryside, gastronomy, and music to audiences on the other side of the Atlantic.

Vilamor received a warm reception and great acclaim following the premiere of its original version (subtitled in English) last Saturday August 11th at New York’s prestigious Tribeca Cinema 2 and narrates a love story on one of the first communes established in Europe in the 1970s.
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