Thursday, May 27, 2010

New MovieScore Media CD: BLACK DEATH (Christian Henson)

Set during the first outbreak of the bubonic plague in England, Black Death is a dark horror adventure movie that features a highly original score by Christian Henson. In his third collaboration with director Christopher Smith, Henson (whose scores for The Secret of Moonacre and Triangle are also available from MovieScore Media) has created a sonic world that fuses a modern approach to film scoring with a strikingly authentic sound. Using modern instruments, including a guitar quartet, and unusual playing techniques such as singing through a traditional tuba or playing the violin in a “primitive” viol-like style, Henson has created one of the most original film scores we’ve come across in recent time. Standout elements of the score is the contrast between relentless action and sparse melodic themes. A musical work filled with darkness, beauty and mystery. Not to be missed!

2. Lovers
3. Flaggelants
4. Marsh
5. Mercy
6. Banquet
7. France
8. Word
9. Departure
10. Brotherhood
11. Fireside
12. Necromancer
13. Company
14. Averil
15. Dalywag
16. Reunion
17. Ulrich
18. Flight
19. Osmund
20. Epilogue
21. End

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MMS10011 • BLACK DEATH (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by CHRISTIAN HENSON
Release date (download): May 25, 2010
Release date (CD): June 1, 2010

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