Sunday, May 2, 2010

More UBEDA film festival news!

Randy Edelman is the next confirmed guest for Úbeda 2010. He will participate in all the activities of the festival, including the Recital and the Symphonic Concert.

His program for the Recital is yet to be disclosed; his program for the Symphonic Concert is, on a preliminary basis, as follows:

'Dragonheart': 'Finale'
'Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story'
'The Mummy 3'
'While You Were Sleeping'

With Edelman, the line up for the Symphonic concert is closed. The final program , on a preliminary basis, is as follows:

- Michael Giacchino: 'Medal of Honor' (Suite), 'Up'.

- Patrick Doyle: Hymn for Úbeda

- Chris Lennertz: 'Medal of Honor: European Assault', 'Gun' (Suite), 'Warhawk', 'The Comebacks', 'Meet the Spartans', 'Supernatural'.

- Randy Edelman

- Dave Grusin: 'The Goonies' ('Fratelli Chase' and 'Love Theme'), 'On Golden Pond', 'The Heart is a Lonely Hunter' and 'The Milagro Beanfield War' (Suite).

- Tribute to Alex North: 'Spartacus Suite'.

More composers and updates yet to be announced regarding the Recital.

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