Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Listen to: ZBIGNIEW PREISNER | Anonyma - Eine Frau in Berlin [CD]

53 year-old Polish composer Zbigniew Preisner is widely known both for his concert works through the years but also his vast film music repertoire and notably his long-time collaboration with celebrated director Krzystof Kieslowski.

Preisner has just completed scoring Anonyma, a German-Polish co-production, directed and scripted by Max Färberböck.

According to the composer's official website, recording took place in Poland in May.

The film is based on 'A Woman in Berlin' ('Eine Frau in Berlin'), a published diary of the period from 20 April to 22 June 1945 in Berlin.
The author was a well-known German journalist, and at her request the diary was published anonymously for her protection. The book details the writer's experiences as a rape victim during the Red Army occupation of the city. Only after her death was she identified.

The diary describes with objectivity the occupation of Berlin by the Soviets at the end of World War II, and explains many of the horrors that the protagonist faced and the struggle of the inhabitants to survive. The role of Anonyma is played by the leading German actress Nina Hoss. The film is premiered in Koln on 14th October and in Berlin on 15th October and is released in cinemas in Germany on 23rd October.

For more details about the movie visit www.anonyma.film.de

Screenarchives.com has SOUND CLIPS of the official CD release of the score.

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