Thursday, November 13, 2008

BEAR McCREARY: Terminator: The Sarah Connor Chronicles [CD]

Celebrated 30 year-old American composer Bear McCreary, the gifted mind behind such brilliant moderns scores like the BattleStar Galactica Trilogy among others, has crafted a unique original score for the Terminator TV series, Terminator: The Sarah Conor Chronicles via Fox.

There has been talk for a possible CD release of the original score for the series by Bear McCreary and with a relative post on his official blog, he sets things clear around the hot topic:

Bear McCreary:

"PS: I want to address the upcoming Sarah Connor soundtrack album. I know a lot of you are asking about it, and I apologize for the lack of information. The record label and I did everything in our power to prepare the album for an October release. But, the album is currently tied up in the bureaucratic red tape that makes the entertainment business occasionally maddening. But, I promise it will come out. We’re looking at a mid-December release, before the holiday. I’ll post the official track list in the next week or so. And I can also promise it will be worth the wait."

You can read the whole article at his official blog, here.

Complementary to that, the page above holds a lot of insider information and photos from the production of the soundtrack for the TV series which make for a very interesting resource nevertheless.

News on the upcoming release will be featured here as soon as they become available and in the meantime you can always check the Amazon CD Page for the said release.


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