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Music Composed by 
Javier Navarrete
(Pan’s Labyrinth, Cracks)

Very, very interesting and promising project. Look at the premise, the stars and...the score. Looking forward to the new Navarrete.

Info from Varese: 

Music From The HBO® Film


Music Composed by 
Javier Navarrete
(Pan’s Labyrinth, Cracks)

Includes the song 
Ay Carmela
performed by 
Voces Del Pueblo

HEMINGWAY & GELLHORN recounts one of the greatest romances of the last century — the passionate love affair and tumultuous marriage of literary master Ernest Hemingway and the beautiful, trailblazing war correspondent Martha Gellhorn — as it follows the adventurous writers through the Spanish Civil War and beyond. As witnesses to history, they covered all the great conflicts of their time; but the war they couldn’t survive was the war between themselves.
Directed by multiple Academy Award® nominee Philip Kaufman (The Unbearable Lightness of Being, The Right Stuff) from a script by Jerry Stahl (Permanent Midnight) and Barbara Turner (The Company, Pollock), the film stars Academy Award® nominee and Golden Globe winner Clive Owen (Closer, Children Of Men) and Academy Award® and three-time Golden Globe winner Nicole Kidman (The Hours, Rabbit Hole), and co-stars Academy Award® nominee David Strathairn (Good Night, and Good Luck, Emmy® Award winner for HBO Films' Temple Grandin), Molly Parker, Rodrigo Santoro, Parker Posey, Peter Coyote, Diane Baker and Tony Shalhoub.
The beautiful and adventurous score is by Academy Award® nominee Javier Navarrete (Pan’s Labyrinth).  Also featured prominently in the film is the song “Ay Carmela,” performed by both Voces Del Pueblo and Alarcon.

HBO will premiere HEMINGWAY & GELLHORN on May 28.

Varese Sarabande Catalog # 302 067 151 2
Release Date: 06/12/12

Track List:

1. Real Honeymoon (:32)  
2. Love Story Written In Blood (1:17)
3. Ay Carmela 
Performed by Antoine Ciosi (3:15)
4. Red River Valley 
Performed by Eric Schneider (2:24)
5. I Am Resourceful (1:56)  
6. The Joy of Irrigation (2:52)
7. Fumando Espero 
Performed by Valerie Pintado & David Guiterrez (2:26)
8. El Cuervo (1:59)  
9. Bravest Woman (1:22)
10. Try To Get Out (1:44)  
11. This Is What I Need (2:00)
12. Ay Carmela 
Performed by Rolando Alarcón (3:08)
13. Jarama Valley 
Performed by Eric Schneider (1:49)
14. Cachita 
Performed by Felix Samuel (3:23)
15. Y Tu Que Has Hecho 
Performed by Marina LaValle & Felix Samuel (3:01)
16. Amado 
Performed by Marina LaValle (2:21)
17. One Thing You Must Know (1:24)
18. Life Shouldn’t Be This Perfect (1:09)  
19. Finland (1:46)  
20. China (2:00)  
21. Sampan (1:55)  
22. How To Be There (:40)
23. Normandy (1:58)  
24. Dachau (2:13)
25. Pages (1:25)
26. Not Dead Yet (1:38)

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