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Working for the first time with Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love), we are excited to announce our release of his sweeping, dramatic and exquisitely beautiful orchestral score for Princess Ka'iulani, a historical drama about the Hawaiian princess attempt to maintain the independence of Hawaii against the American colonization.

We strongly feel that Ka'iulani might be Warbeck's finest score to date: it's a very elegant, beautifully orchestrated work that has great themes, intimate emotions and subtle suspense writing too. Fittingly, the music is performed by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra which is doing a first-rate job bringing Warbeck's passionate writing to life.

Implementing a new policy with this release and hoping to contribute to a new industry standard, MovieScore Media will denote the number of the manufactured edition on the CD. The first edition of Princess Ka’iulani is limited to 500 copies. 

Track titles:
1 The Beach and the Past 2.53 -
2 The King and the Protestors 2.31
3 Princess of Nowhere 3.52
4 Alone 1.10
5 Barcarolle (Tchaikovsky) 2.13
6 The Letter 1.18
7 The Reception 2.09
8 The Shells 2.19
9 Memory 1.36
10 The World in the Room 1.37
11 Ka’iulani 2.07 -
12 What Happened to Our Country 2.19 -
13 New World 2.21 -
14 The Pepper Story 1.10
15 Plotting 1.37
16 The Beach and the Letter 1.46
17 Eden Lost 1.47
18 The Amendment 1.22
19 Leave Taking 3.05
20 A Nation Died 1.43 -
21 The End 3.24
22 Barcarolle (Tchaikovsky) (long version) 4.52

MMS11017 PRINCESS KA´IULANI (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
Music Composed by STEPHEN WARBECK
Release date (digital): October 18, 2011
Release date (CD): October 25, 2011

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