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MARK KILAN - John Carpenter's The Ward (2011, CD)

Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


Master Of Horror John Carpenter is back — and he invites you to check into THE WARD.
1966. Night. As a storm approaches the North Bend Psychiatric Hospital, something unseen walks the halls of the isolation ward. It closes in on the small bare room of a distressed young woman.  As the storm peaks and the lighting strikes outside, the young girl screams in terror.  As dawn breaks the next day, another young woman, Kristen, disheveled and disoriented, sets fire to an abandoned farmhouse. Captured by the local police, she is remanded to North Bend where she is processed and taken to the isolation ward — the same place we have just witnessed the other young woman terrified beyond words...

In the ward, Kristen meets the other patients: Zooey, childlike and withdrawn; Iris, artistic, prim and proper; flirtatious Sarah and the group's free spirit, Emily.  While Kristen is unsure how she got there or why, she is certain that the ward has a dark secret at its core that freezes the girls into silence and she’s determined to get out — even if it’s alone.

The films of John Carpenter have inspired some of the most iconic and terrifying scores of modern times — most of them composed by Mr. Carpenter himself (Halloween, Escape From New York, Christine).   On other occasions, Carpenter has engaged the likes of Ennio Morricone (The Thing) and Jack Nietzche (Starman).  Composer Mark Kilian (Traitor) now joins the ranks and rises to the challenge of sending chills down the spines of Carpenter’s newest generation of fans.

Following well-received appearances at film festivals across the country, THE WARD opens in theatres on July 8.

Varese Sarabande Catalog # 302 067 110 2
Release Date: 08/16/11


1. Opening Titles (2:35)
2. Admission (2:09)
3. Runaway (1:44)
4. Kidnapped (3:26)
5. Group Therapy (2:20)
6. Elevator Escape (2:00)
7. The Truth (2:54)
8. Thunderstorm (1:37)
9. Shower Time (4:09)
10. The Morgue (1:56)
11. Burned Alive (2:49)
12. Who Is Alice (4:42)
13. Alice Is Back (1:14)
14. Emotional Trauma (2:46)
15. Ghost Story (2:44)
16. Tormented (3:49)
17. Night Visitor (2:08)
18. Hearing Things (1:55)
19. New Home (3:07)
20. Iris’ Pictures (4:03)
21. Looking For Iris (3:23)
22. End Credits (4:31)

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