Thursday, May 5, 2011

BRIAN TYLER on Sounding Off: Video Interview with FAST FIVE composer Brian Tyler

FAST FIVE has been burning up the box office as the original crew comes together in this fifth film in the series to reestablish old relationships, create new ones, pull off a high stakes heist and, well you know, race cars . Unlike the previous four films, FAST FIVE has started moving further away from its origins as an almost music video set to car races, with the story evolving and the stakes in both their personal and business lives getting raised at every turn. To that end, the music in this installment in the franchise was much more score-heavy, relying on full orchestration to support the story and action scenes rather than just utilizing songs from various artists.

To bring this world to life, director Justin Lin turned to composer Brian Tyler (BATTLE: LA, EAGLE EYE) who had also scored the past two films (and possibly a bit of the first...) in the series, THE FAST AND THE FURIOUS: TOKYO DRIFT and FAST & FURIOUS, to create the high drama, high action score for FAST FIVE.

Follow the link to see the video interview, here.

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