Thursday, April 22, 2010

MOVIESCORE MEDIA releases Conrad Pope's "IN MY SLEEP"

MovieScore Media proudly announces that Conrad Pope's dark and sensual score for "In My Sleep" is now available for CD pre-order. Check out the audio samples!

Composed by: Conrad Pope

Sample Tracks
Name Number
Main Title 01
Finding Gwen 02
The Nightmare Begins 04
Morning After 05
Showdown 24

Play All Tracks by visiting this link here.

SAE says the following:

We are proud to work for the first time with composer Conrad Pope, who is one of the most respected in the Hollywood film music industry due to his duties as an orchestrator for A-list composers such as John Williams, Alexandre Desplat, John Powell, Mark Isham and Alan Silvestri. Among his latest credits is also current monster movie The Wolfman, where he contributed additional music to the Danny Elfman score. Pope's score for Allen Wolf's independent thriller In My Sleep, about a man who wakes up naked in the middle of a cemetary, is a tense and sensual thriller score written for orchestra with poignant parts for solo piano. It's a stylish score which might remind some listeners of the dark beauty of Basic Instinct.

And provides this tracklisting:

1. Main Title 2:31
2. Finding Gwen 1:49
3. Night Music 0:59
4. The Nightmare Begins 3:03
5. Morning After 2:20
6. Gwen at the Cemetary 2:22
7. Doubts 2:23
8. Blood Drops 2:27
9. Police Search 1:36
10. The Second Nightmare 3:33
11. Visions of Father 0:45
12. Awkward Date 2:49
13. Justin's Plea 1:17
14. Triangle Park 2:01
15. Hiding the Knife 2:57
16. Arrest 1:17
17. Going Home 4:10
18. Phantoms 0:20
19. Panic 2:07
20. Faceoff 2:54
21. Confession 1:35
22. Home to the Truth 1:28
23. Remembering Father 4:43
24. Showdown 2:47
25. Underwater 1:00
26. Desperate Resolution 1:48
27. A New Beginning 0:53
28. Distant Dream 0:47
29. Reconciliation (Finale) 1:24
30. Theme Song - In My Sleep 3:36
performed by Damesviolet

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