Wednesday, April 7, 2010

KLAUS BADELT's score for 2010 tv movie "Die Jagd nach der Heiligen Lanze" available to purchase online.

Klaus' entire score to the just-released German action-adventure TV movie "Die Jagd nach der Heiligen Lanze" ("The Lance") consisting of 47 tracks is now available to download at the mentioned site now, CLICK HERE to access the score's page.

Music by Klaus Badelt, Ian Honeyman and Christopher Carmichael.
Additional Music by Mark Anthony Yaeger.
Published by KB Publishing (GEMA), except i2i for Germany, Austria, Switzerland

Score produced & mixed by Klaus Badelt at Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica (USA)
Recorded at Theme Park Studios, Santa Monica (USA)
For Wunderhorn Music, Inc. (USA) -
Executive Music Producer: Robyn Klein
Score Production Manager: Simone de Leuw
Guitar and Bass: Mark Anthony Yaeger

Klaus, Ian & Christopher would like to thank: Stefan Raiser, Florian Baxmeyer, Felix Zackor, Reinhard Scheuregger, Gunther Pöschl, Christian Riffard, John Tempereau, Joel Sill, Hervé Lécoz & HLC Paris, Joanna Hernandez, Robin & Isobel Carmichael, Euphonix, M-Audio, Anthony Gallo & Rob Papen.

Stefan Raiser would like to thank: RTL, Filmstiftung NRW, FFF Bayern and Telepool for making this possible. Special thanks to our fantastic writer Derek Meister for his visionary script and to Klaus Badelt and his team for their untiring dedication which led to this amazing score

For Juliette, Lukas and Malona.

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