Thursday, February 18, 2010

TUOMAS KANTELINEN producing and providing the original score to "THE ITALIAN KEY"

Tuomas Kantelinen
, Finland's most well-known film composer for his scores for films such as Rukajärven tie, Äideistä parhain, Mindhunters, Arn: the knight templar, Mother of Mine and Mongol among others, is producing and providing the score to a new movie, entitled The Italian Key.

The movie is a romantic coming-of-age fairy tale about a 19-year old orphan girl who, as her sole inheritance, gets an antique key that unlocks both an old Italian villa and the secrets of her family history.

The lush, romantic and colourful orchestral score is provided by composer Tuomas Kantelinen who's also producing the movie. It was recorded in London in December with the Isobel Griffiths' orchestra and recorded and mixed by Geoff Foster.

More info on the project at the official site:

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