Tuesday, February 2, 2010

HANS ZIMMER, GEOFF ZANELLI and BLANE NEELY release the score for Spielberg's TV series, "THE PACIFIC"

Rhino Records on March the 9th, 2010 releases this.

1. Honor [Main Title Theme From 'The Pacific']
2. With The Old Breed [End Title Theme From 'The Pacific']
3. You Have No Idea
4. Terrible Solomons
5. Torn Souls
6. Nightfall On Okinawa
7. Private First Class Robert Leckie
8. Fallen Friend
9. We've Gone Respectable
10. Iwo Jima
11. Praying For You
12. Even The Trees Hate Us
13. Get The Wounded Aboard
14. Memories Of Home
15. Landing Peleliu
16. Adagio For Peleliu
17. The Peleliu Hills
18. Dear Vera
19. Where Do We Go From Here?
20. Men At War
21. Sledge's Humanity
22. War Is Hell
23. Homecoming
24. New Kind Of Bomb
25. Honor [For Oboe And Strings]

Click here to find out more about the tv miniseries, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Pacific_%28miniseries%29

Click here to find out more: http://www.hans-zimmer.com/fr/newsite.php?rub=detail&id=934

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