Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Earth Days (2009) is a documentary feature film about the start of the environmental movement in the US. It was directed by Robert Stone and is distributed by Zeitgeist Films.

Earth Days interweaves personal testimony and rare archival media. The extraordinary stories of the era’s pioneers—among them Former Secretary of the Interior Stewart Udall; biologist/Population Bomb author Paul Ehrlich; Whole Earth Catalog founder Stewart Brand; Apollo Nine astronaut Rusty Schweickart; and renewable energy pioneer Hunter Lovins—are illustrated with a wide array of footage.

The film as been described as both a poetic meditation on humanity's complex relationship with nature and an engaging history of the revolutionary achievements—and missed opportunities—of groundbreaking eco-activism.

Michael Giacchino provided the original musical accompaniment for the project, marking his first score for 2009. Check out the info, tracklisting and listen to SOUND CLIPS from the score cd, here.

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