Monday, August 17, 2009

HANS ZIMMER to score new romantic comedy, "IT'S COMPLICATED"

As confirmed through the official trailer of the movie, Hans Zimmer is going to provide the original musical accompaniment for the upcoming romantic comedy by Nancy Meyers, entitled It's complicated.

It's Complicated is a 2009 romantic comedy film from Universal Pictures and Relativity Media, starring Steve Martin, Meryl Streep, and Alec Baldwin, and written and directed by Nancy Meyers.

To be released on December 25, 2009, the plot of the film revolves around an older divorcee Jane (Streep) falling again for her ex-husband Jake (Baldwin), who competes with the affections for his ex-wife with her home's architect Adam (Martin) while having a hidden "affair" with his former wife.

Stay tuned for more info on Hans' involvement as it becomes available! You can watch the official trailer of the movie, here.

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