Sunday, April 12, 2009


New trailer for the latest movie scored by the celebrated film composer, Clint Mansell, entitled "Moon". Duncan Jones' movie stars Sam Rockwell.

After spending three years on the moon as a solitary miner, Sam Bell is almost ready to return home to his wife and daughter. But as his homecoming approaches, he begins to experience strange things that can't be explained and his employer may have a sinister plan in mind for him.

The movie is scored by Clint Mansell, part of which score is the music used in this trailer linked above.

Here's what the composer had to say about it, quoted from his myspace blog.
Hello Earthlings!

The trailer for 'Moon',the sci-fi film directed by Duncan Jones has a trailer ahead of its June 12th release!

The trailer uses my original score from the movie as well so I'm double-excited!!

Check out the trailer here....

I love this film!!Hope you will too!

Live long and prosper!


Watch the trailer, here.

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