Friday, March 20, 2009

MARK ISHAM - crossing over

Pre-orders are now being accepted. This CD will ship on or after 3/31/09.

Harrison Ford
Ray Liotta
Jim Sturgess
Ashley Judd

Immigrants from around the world enter Los Angeles every day, with hopeful visions of a better life, but little notion of what that life may cost. Their desperate scenarios test the humanity of immigration enforcement officers. In Crossing Over, writer-director Wayne Kramer explores the allure of the American dream, and the reality that immigrants find — and create — in 21st century L.A.

CROSSING OVER stars Academy Award® nominee Harrison Ford, Academy Award® winner Sean Penn, Ray Liotta (Good Fellas) Ashley Judd (Double Jeopardy), Jim Sturgess (Across the Universe), and Cliff Curtis (Whale Rider).

Mark Isham returns for his third collaboration with director Wayne Kramer (The Cooler) and delivers a moving and poignant score.

The Weinstein Company opened CROSSING OVER on February 27.

1. Crossing Over (2:47)
2. Drive To Mexico (1:37)
3. Juan Sanches (1:50)
4. A Dinnertime Visit (2:25)
5. Claire Confesses / Hamid’s Sorrow (2:21)
6. ICE Raid (1:40)
7. You Look Like You Need A Friend (2:07)
8. Funeral (1:39)
9. We Will Travel Together, Daughter (2:08)
10. Liquor Store (3:05)
11. Tomorrow Was Supposed To Be A Special Day (2:36)
12. Naturalization (5:42)
13. Mireya (2:21)
14. Departures And Beginnings (3:21)
15. Max Gets Word / End Titles (5:06)

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