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JOHAN SODERQVIST's "KON-TIKI" to go out on CD edition, MAY 13, 2013

JOHAN SODERQVIST's "KON-TIKI" is to be also released on CD (additionally to the digital release which we talked about here) which will include extensive booklet with insides on the musical process on creating the score, as Johan confirmed to us. 

Here's the official press release: 

“KON TIKI” ON MAY 13, 2013


Sony Music announces the release of the original motion picture soundtrack for KON-TIKI, an epic which tells the story of legendary explorer Thor Heyerdahl’s dangerous 4,300 mile crossing of the Pacific on a balsa wood raft in 1947. Directed by Joachim Roenning and Espen Sandberg, the film was shot in both English and Norwegian versions with an identical score. The Norwegian version was nominated for both an Oscar and a Golden Globe for Best Foreign Language Film this year, a first for a Norwegian film. Produced by Jeremy Thomas at Recorded Picture Company, and Aage Aaberge for Nordisk Film Production, KON-TIKI was a major box office success in its native Scandinavia, and has since been gathering critical
acclaim internationally.

The score for KON-TIKI was written by Swedish film composer Johan Söderqvist, one of the most renowned film composers of the Scandinavian region. Born in 1966 in Täby outside the capital, Söderqvist studied composition and arranging at the Royal College of Music in Stockholm. He wrote his first film score in 1991 (Agnes Cecilia) and in the same year he wrote his first score for Danish director Susanne Bier (Freud Leaving Home). The soundtrack CD featuring both scores earned a Swedish Grammy for the composer. Söderqvist has continued to score most of Bier’s films, including Brothers (which won him the UCMF Film Music Award at the Cannes Film Festival), the Oscar-nominated After the Wedding, and the Oscar-winning In a Better World. Söderqvist’s notable scores include Tomas Alfredson’s acclaimed Let the Right One In, for which Söderqvist was nominated for the European Film Award for Best Score and won the Bernard Hermann Award, and Effi Briest, the touching adaptation of Theodor Fontane’s popular novel.

While writing the score for KON-TIKI, Söderqvist worked primarily with one of Norway’s most prominent sound designers Tormod Ringnes, with whom he had previously collaborated on several films. They worked together to create a soundtrack that could function as a singular emotional unit, with the aim of the audience not knowing where one starts and the other ends.

A trademark of Söderqvist’s scores, KON-TIKI is characterized by a unique atmosphere based on many exotic and unusual instruments, that were recorded especially for this score. "The first thing that came to my mind" says Söderqvist, "was the sound of the conch horn for Tiki, the God of Sun in ancient Polynesian mythology. Tiki is omnipresent in the score, even the opening that still plays in Norway has a foreboding episode with the conch horn playing over the frozen lake.

In the end I think we found a very significant sound with an 'ancient' quality to it." After seeing an early cut of the film, Söderqvist jotted down four different ideas that he wanted to represent the score and the tone of the music. These four concepts: Magic, Obsession, Fragility and Adventure became the four quadrants of
the score illustrating the musical journey of KON-TIKI. 

The CD soundtrack of Kon-Tiki contains close to an hour’s worth of the most interesting cues from the film. It includes extensive liner notes on the four concepts and the score – a brilliant guide to give you a complete picture of Thor Heyerdahl’s incredible adventure.

For further information, please contact: SONY Classical International,
Saskia Thießen, Phone: +49-30-13888-7630, Fax: +49-30-13888-67630, saskia.thiessen@sonymusic.com

The Kon-Tiki soundtrack will be available internationally on April 30th
(digital album) and May 13th respectively (physical album).

Track list
1. Kon-Tiki (start credit)
2. Thor and Liv
3. Fatu Hiva
4. The Shaman
5. On Course
6. Into Space
7. Thor Meets Herman
8. To Peru
9. Calling Liv
10. Thor's failure
11. Following the sun
12. The crab
13. Tiki
14. Building the Raft
15. The Whale Shark
16. The Journey Begins
17. The Swede
18. Luminescent Creatures
19. The Parrot
20. The Letter
21. Herman is Afraid
22. Shark Attack
23. Thor is Sad
24. The Seagull
25. The Raroia Reef
26. The 13th Wave
27. Reaching Land
28. Thor Laughs
29. Kon-Tiki (end credit)
30. Epilogue

For further information, please contact: SONY Classical International,
Saskia Thießen, Phone: +49-30-13888-7630, Fax: +49-30-13888-67630, saskia.thiessen@sonymusic.com

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