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JOHAN SÖDERQVIST - In a better world (2010)

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"Johan Söderqvist's score is a small masterpiece, he nails all the right emotions, accentuates the narrative and marks up its different layers ingeniously." - Dagens Nyheter

Continuing our exciting relationship with Swedish composer Johan Söderqvist (Let the Right One In), we are proud to release his brilliant and unique score for the critically acclaimed drama In a Better World.

This is Johan's eighth film together with Danish auteur Susanne Bier, and while the music certainly has the same touch of intimacy and emotional depth as the previous Bier/Söderqvist collaborations (such as Brother and After the Wedding), In a Better World is also highly original in its use of instrumental colors.

Carrying the tone in the score is the African instrument Mbira as well as some heartbreakingly beautiful vocal solos - everything elegantly sweeped in Söderqvist's very personal mix of warm string writing and shimmering electronics. In a Better World could very well be both Susanne Bier's and Johan Söderqvist's most impressive works to date. Not to be missed!

Track titles:
1 In a Better World: Main Title 1.57
2 Marianne 0.52
3 Anton's Alone 0.57
4 Trying To Save Her 1.26
5 To Denmark 2.23
6 The Idiot 1.20
7 Anton Swims 1.19
8 In the Field 2.06
9 Flying Kite 1.19
10 The Fireworks 1.43
11 After the Call 0.48
12 To Homecamp 1.09
13 Dawning 2.24
14 Big Man 2.47
15 Let's Do It 1.46
16 Elias Says No 1.41
17 On the Silo 0.44
18 The Bomb 3.06
19 The Revenge 2.07
20 We'll Know Tomorrow 0.53
21 Christian Disappears 6.07
22 In a Better World: End Title 6.27
23 Epilogue 1.51

MMS10022 IN A BETTER WORLD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHAN SÖDERQVIST
Release date (CD only): November 2, 2010

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