Friday, July 2, 2010

A small talk with HANS ZIMMER about the music used in the "INCEPTION" trailers and also the movie's main theme.

Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated new movie, "INCEPTION" is scored by composer HANS ZIMMER and has already caused quite a stir with its three official trailers so far.

All three of them have rich audio-visual elements and most prominently the music used in them, all original compositions written specifically for the official trailers.

More precisely and according to the composer himself, the music for the first two Inception trailers was based on motives that are actually to be found in the movie itself; those were composed by Hans Zimmer himself along with Lorne Balfe and Richard King, the team's Sound Designer for the movie.

The music for the third version of the official trailer was composed by a young and upcoming composer called Zack Hemsey who has already attracted quite an attention with this. For the third trailer of INCEPTION, he composed inspired by and "in the style of" those pre-mentioned themes but without actually using them identically.

Here's Zack Hemsey's official place for more on the composer.

A warm and sincere thank you to HANS ZIMMER for the nice talk.

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