Thursday, January 21, 2010

Elfman’s score back in ‘The Wolfman’

After being rejected and replaced with Paul Haslinger (!) Elfman's previously rejected score gets back on the picture. Certainly a not very proud situation for anyone to be in, especially if your name starts with P and your surname with an H. Oh well.

Here's what Mikael Carlsson writes about it:

"Following the latest twist in what has to be one of the most unusual chain of events in the film music business lately, Joe Johnston’s upcoming horror film The Wolfman will now feature original music by Danny Elfman, who was the original composer on the film but had his score for the film rejected in November. Universal Pictures has confirmed to MovieScore Magazine that Elfman’s music is back in the picture, and it appears that Paul Haslinger, the replacement composer is not working on the film."

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