Tuesday, September 8, 2009

NEW INTERVIEW: REINHOLD HEIL's upcoming new Ballet work, "THE ZODIAC"

German film composer Reinhold Heil, who is known for his collaborations with director Tom Tykwer and fellow composer Johnny Klimek such as The International, The Perfume and Run Lola Run, has composed a ballet which is premiering with Janusphere Dance Company in New York on September 11. Heil’s piece is called ‘The Zodiac’ and is featured in the dance company’s new programme ‘According To Janusphere’ where other talents include jazz composer Dick Hyman and violinist Yuval Waldman.

MovieScore Magazine had the opportunity to perform a brief interview with Reinhold Heil on this new non-film work.

To read the entire article, log on here at moviescoremagazine.com

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