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Fimucité TENERIFE international film music festival

FIMUCITÉ 2009 – Welcome Message from the Director

With the experience of the previous 2 Editions and in spite of the crisis, Fimucité is back thanks to the support of our main sponsor, Cabildo de Tenerife (the island’s Government). If the first Edition was such an experience, the second one was beyond our expectations. These two years we have had the pleasure of bringing the best of film music’s magic and art to Tenerife. Tenerife is more than sea and sun, there is plenty to discover, and Fimucité proves it.

Fimucité 2 meant such a step forward compared to Fimucité 1 in many ways. After such a tough work, the Festival grows strong and becomes an important international event in the film music industry. Fimucité, our Festival, is a very rare dream that comes true thanks to effort of very few people that devote themselves to it for a whole year, not caring about extra hours nor lack of sleep… because film music is our passion.

The quantity and quality of last years’ music is impressive. Many of the compositions were world premières specially arranged for the Festival, the Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir played them all beautifully. I must outline the great work developed by our Orchestra and Choir. Our great friend Robert Townson, Vice President of the prestigious label Varese Sarabande, collaborator of our Festival and loyal witness of what has taken place these past two Editions, writes in his DVD-CD of our Fimucité 2008 closing night concert booklet his impressions about it. I quote bellow:

“When Diego and I were planning the encores for the concert, it really took very little time. We quickly decided, or realized might be more accurate, that there should be two… one by Jerry Goldsmith, one by John Williams. These are the two composers mores responsible than any for Diego and I meeting in the first place, not to mention the two most dominant names in film music – the world over – for some three decades! Jerry’s piece must be emotional and powerful. With so many options to fit that calling, one immediately came to mind as the correct choice… Camelot lives from The First Knight. When I wrote to Carol Goldsmith the morning after the concert, I told her it was the most impassioned and glorious live music I had ever seen or heard. Diego, the orchestra and the choir absolutely soared. It was thrilling beyond words…”

Last year’s Festival theme was Alex North’s original score for 2001, a space Odyssey. At the closing night gala I faced the challenge of conducting a four-movement suite, a selection of the master’s soundtrack. That was such an honor for me. I could share the stage with the extraordinary talented composer Joel McNeely, our guest conductor. This year we are privileged to have him back with us, he is already our main guest conductor. I really thank his generosity and kindness to conduct again the Tenerife Film Orchestra and Choir, Bravo Maestro!

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