Tuesday, June 9, 2009


Stranded in a remote Iranian village, a French journalist (Jim Caviezel) is approached by Zahra (Academy Award nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo), a woman who has a harrowing tale to tell about her niece, Soraya (Mozhan MarnĂ²), and the bloody circumstances of her death the day before.

As the journalist turns on his tape recorder, Zahra takes us back to the beginning of her story which involves Soraya's husband, the local phony mullah, and a town all too easily led down a path of deceit, coercion, and hysteria. The women, stripped of all rights and without recourse, nobly confront the overwhelming desires of corrupt men who use and abuse their authority to condemn Soraya, an innocent but inconvenient wife, to an unjust and torturous death.

A shocking and true drama, it exposes the dark power of mob rule, uncivil law, and the utter lack of human rights for women. The last and only hope for some measure of justice lies in the hands of the journalist who must escape with the story — and his life — so the world will know.

John Debney provides an emotionally powerful and tragic score for this harrowing and dramatic film.

Limited CD Edition of 1,000 units

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