Tuesday, June 11, 2013

CD release (on-demand) of the excellent documentary score for Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest) by Panu Aaltio (2012)

Metsän Tarina (The Tale of a Forest) [Soundtrack]
Panu Aaltio (Artist) | Format: Audio CD 

Product details
Audio CD (10 Jun 2013)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: MovieScore Media

also available as an mp3 download here:

Track Listings
1. The Tale of a Forest
2. A New Beginning
3. The Little Ones
4. A Midsummer Treasure
5. Snowfall
6. The Woodland Spirit
7. Spring Wonder
8. Days Gone By
9. Ant Kingdom
10. Stone of the Snakes
11. Home
12. The Bird and the Squirrel
13. Twig Traffic
14. Raindrops
15. Love,Care and Respect
16. The World Tree
17. Forsaken
18. A Forest Adventure

Voted the #1 film score of 2012 by Soundtrack Geek's Critics Choice and 'Best Documentary Score' by the International Film Music Critics Association,Panu Aaltio's original music for the first Finnish feature length nature documentary to receive a wide domestic theatrical release is a also one of the most beautiful soundtracks of the year.Following the example set by composers such as Bruno Coulais(Oceans,Winged Migration)and George Fenton(Planet Earth,Life),Aaltio underscores the drama and emotions of this wildlife adventure with broad but sophisticated brush strokes.Several themes are heard throughout the score,and the sheer beauty of these tracks are contrasted by playful scherzos showcasing inspired writing for flutes,woodwinds and pizzicato strings and majestic fanfares for brass,strings and percussion.MovieScore Media's releases of Aaltio's scores for The Home of Dark Butterflies and Dawn of the Dragonslayer has already established the composer as one to watch - with the arrival of the music for Metsän tarina,there is no doubt that he is one of the most talented of his generation!

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