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A belated SEASONS GREETINGS wish and D.Christodoulides wishes you the greatest of good health, love and prosperity in your lives for 2011 and may the new year bring better financials for our beloved E.U ;) 

Cheers everyone, back with you again next year! 

Thursday, December 23, 2010


When I saw the first cut of the King’s Speech, I was struck by Tom Hooper’s incredible talent and his gift for using the best cinematic language for the storyline. The way he places the actors in the frame, Bertie on the edge, as if he were on the edge of reality, his use of “wide” and “fish-eye” lenses showing Bertie as a distorted man, the production design as well as a prodigious and very well-directed cast make his film a pure cinematic delight.

Now this was quite a challenge for me.
How would I be able to find a way through the film and enhance it?
A film in which a man is struggling to express himself in words, to show his emotions and relate his difficult childhood….a man who cannot speak. A man with long, very silent, moments.

I suggested to Tom that the music should mirror the fact that, when Bertie tries to speak he is “stuck”.
A theme based upon on one, repeated, single note; on and in a rhythm i.e., a pattern of a funeral march. It is a melody which tries desperately to evolve, to find a way out, like a bird with broken wings trying to fly. It is the theme we hear as Bertie tries futilely to deliver his speech at Wembley Stadium, when he shares his pain with his wife, and when he tries to delve into his sad memories during therapy.

But the score could not just be introspective.
The opening title shows a light, bittersweet, Mozart-esque mood; and, there again, it is a theme that struggles to find its own completion.
As the menace of war is surrounding the protagonists, the music gets more solemn and dark.
The moment of joy will only appear in the score when Bertie and Lionel finally reach a rapport during the rehearsal scene at Westminster Abbey.

To convey the sense of restrained emotion and to capture the sound of the period, we found in the archives of EMI, the very microphones which belonged to and were used exclusively by George V, George VI, Queen Elizabeth and Queen Mary.

And we used them at Abbey Road Studios to record the orchestra. A very moving experience thinking that the very microphone in which King George VI delivered his speeches was right there in front of the podium from which I was conducting. It was also a very touching moment for the English musicians, as well, who were sending the sounds of their instruments through these very special microphones.


Thursday, December 16, 2010

BRIAN TYLER to score the 5th instalment of FAST & THE FURIOUS

According to filmmusicreporter, Brian Tyler has been hired to score the upcoming action sequel Fast Five. The movie marks Brian Tyler’s and director Justin Lin’s third film in the series after The Fast and the Furious: Tokyo Drift and last year’s Fast & Furious. The film’s cast includes Vin Diesel, Paul Walker Jordana Brewster, Tyrese Gibson, Chris Ludacris Bridges and Dwayne Johnson.

More about it here and at the official place of the movie, here.

Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Zimmer scoring Superman?

As expected with information on the Internet, it travels fast and can get miscontrued. Last week word spread faster than a speeding bullet that Hans Zimmer was going to be doing the music for the new Superman movie, being directed by Zack Snyder. ("Hans Zimmer to replace iconic Superman score,” said Entertainment Weekly.)

He is expected to reteam with Nolan for The Dark Knight Rises, as the third movie is titled, but as for Superman, Zimmer says the rumours aren't true (at least not yet), and they have been allowed to bounce around the Internet because his long time publicist Ronni Chasen was murdered three weeks ago.
Read the interview with Hans clearing things up, here.

Monday, December 6, 2010

JAN A.P. KACZMAREK - Get Low (2010)

Product Details

    * Audio CD (December 7, 2010)
    * Original Release Date: 2010
    * Number of Discs: 1
    * Format: Soundtrack
    * Label: Varese Sarabande
    * ASIN: B0047NEG2Y
Product Description
Get Low is inspired by the true story of Felix 'Bush' Breazeale, who attracted national attention and the largest crowd to assemble up to that date when he threw himself a living funeral party in 1938 in Roane County, Tennessee. For years, townsfolk have been terrified of the backwoods recluse known as Felix Bush (Robert Duvall). People say he's done all manner of unspeakable things, and they avoid him like the plague. Then, one day, Felix rides to town with a shotgun and a wad of cash, saying he wants to buy a living funeral, in which anyone who ever had heard a story about him will come to tell it, while he takes it all in. Sensing a big payday in the offing, fast-talking funeral home owner Frank Quinn (Bill Murray) enlists his gentlemanly young apprentice, Buddy Robinson (Lucas Black), who discovers that behind Felix's surreal plan lies a very real and long-held secret that must get out. As the funeral approaches, the mystery which involves the widow Mattie Darrow (Sissy Spacek), the only person in town who ever got close to Felix, and the Illinois preacher Charlie Jackson (Bill Cobbs), who refuses to speak at his former friend`s funeral only deepens. But on the big day, Felix is throne who is going to do the telling about why he has been hiding out in the woods. Employing a string quartet accompanied by piano, the score by Academy Award-winning composer Jan A.P. Kaczmarek (Finding Neverland)suggests a sense of mystery and anticipation, eventually swelling to a full orchestral setting. 

CARTER BURWELL - True Grit (2010)

1. The Wicked Flee
2. Father's Gun
3. Little Blackie
4. Your Headstrong Ways
5. A Great Adventure
6. River Crossing
7. We Don't Need Him Do We?
8. The Hanging Man
9. A Methodist And A Son Of A Bitch
10. Talking To Horses
11. A Turkey Shoot
12. Talk About Suffering
13. La Boeuf Takes Leave
14. Taken Hostage
15. One Against Four
16. The Snake Pit
17. Ride To Death
18. I Will Carry You
19. A Quarter Century
20. The Grave

Thursday, December 2, 2010

ELLIOT GOLDENTHAL - the tempest (2010) (cd info)


Zarathustra Records will release a soundtrack album for Julie Taymor’s feature-film adaptation of Shakespeare’s last play The Tempest. The soundtrack for the movie starring Helen Mirren marks the first release of Goldenthal’s music label and will be released on December 14. Goldenthal’s indie-rock driven original score album features vocals by Beth Gibbons (Portishead) and Reeve Carney (Carney, star of SpiderMan: Turn Off The Dark, on Broadway) and musicians Benjamin Curtis (Secret Machines), Page Hamilton (Helmet), Mark Stewart (Steve Reich, Ornette Coleman) as well as the composer himself on keyboards to bring the surreal world of the film alive.

Here’s the album tracklisting:

1. O Mistress Mine (Reeve Carney)
2. High Day Two-Step
3. Alchemical Lightshow
4. Full Fathom Five
5. Hell Is Empty
6. Brave New World
7. Admired Miranda
8. Ariel Swarm
9. Where the Bee Sucks
10. Rough Magic
11. Lava Dogs
12. Prospera’s Coda (Beth Gibbons)

More info:
and Here

HANS ZIMMER to also score the new PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN movie.

Hans Zimmer confirmed to score Superman and new Pirates movie

According to Thompson on Hollywood, Hans Zimmer revealed in a recent interview on Tuesday’s Inception DVD and Blu-Ray release party that he is going to score the upcoming Zack Snyder-directed adaptation of Superman.

(we already knew that today)

But more news now:
Hans Zimmer is also set to start scoring the fourth part in the Pirates of the Caribbean series in January of next year. In Pirates of the Caribbean: On Stranger Tides, Jack Sparrow and Barbossa embark on a quest to find the elusive fountain of youth, only to discover that Blackbeard and his daughter are after it too.

More info:

[edited] [unconfirmed rumor] HANS ZIMMER to score Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN!

Promises A "Reinvention"!  is what suggests. 
And continues on:
You knew this was coming, but now it's official: Zack Snyder's SUPERMAN will not be carrying over John Williams's iconic main theme, first heard in Richard Donner's 1978 film and resurrected for Bryan Singer's 2005 continuation. Snyder has instead enlisted Hans Zimmer to score his top-down reinvention of the DC Comics superhero.
With Zimmer saying:
 “It's a hard one,” mused Zimmer, “but I followed one of the most iconic things on 'Batman' with Chris as well, and it's the same thing. You are allowed to reinvent, but you have to try to be as good or at least as iconic and it has to resonate and it has to become a part of the zeitgeist. That's the job. On 'Gladiator' I remember people always talking about 'Spartacus' and I kept telling them, 'When you saw "Spartacus" and how it affected it you, that's how I want a modern audience to be affected by what we do now.' So I think ultimately you're supposed to reinvent.”
 Full article here.


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Get some of the best game music today for Free - SAMPLER

Free Download - Exclusive video game soundtrack sampler from SumthingElse music works.


More info also on facebook, here.

Friday, November 26, 2010



Varese Sarabande Records has announced a soundtrack album for the upcoming movie The Tourist starring Johnny Depp and Angelina Jolie. The album features 21 tracks from James Newton Howard’s score, as well as one track from the original composer on the movie, Gabriel Yared.

1. Tracking Elise (1:34)
2. Burned Letter (2:21)
3. Paranoid Math Teacher (3:32)
4. Arrival At Venice (3:05)
5. Elise Offers A Ride (1:52)
6. A Very Nice Kiss (2:03)
7. Bedroom Dreams (2:58)
8. Piecing It Together (3:10)
9. Rooftop Run (5:17)
10. Chase Through The Canals (5:44)
11. Because I Kissed You (3:34)
12. A Very Nice Hotel (2:26)
13. Arriving At The Ball (2:04)
14. Your Choice In Men (2:04)
15. Sudden Departure (2:00)
16. The Infinite Price (7:30)
17. The Janus Safe (3:00)
18. Rain of Bullets (1:30) 19. Aftermath (:51)
20. Elise & Alexander (2:41)
21. Personal Cheque (1:56)
22. Dance in F Composed by Gabriel Yared (2:42)

HENRY JACKMAN - Gulliver’s Travels

Gulliver’s Travels

Varese Sarabande Records will release the soundtrack album for the upcoming family adventure film Gulliver’s Travels starring Jack Black, Emily Blunt and Jason Segel. The album features 18 score tracks by composer Henry Jackman.

Here’s the album tracklisting:

1. A Day In The Life Of Lemuel Gulliver (2:23)
2. Blatant Plagiarism (1:16)
3. The Bermuda Triangle (2:41)
4. Behold The Beast (3:01)
5. Involuntary Servitude (1:46)
6. Nobody Save The Princess! (3:38)
7. Delusions Of Grandeur (2:31)
8. Dreaming Of A Princess (1:42)
9. I Have Come To Court You (1:32)
10. Forlorn (3:29)
11. The Blefuscian Armada (4:10)
12. How To Woo A Princess (1:19)
13. Edwardian Hissy-Fit (2:17)
14. Persona Non Grata (3:42)
15. The Island Where We Dare Not Go (3:10)
16. Take Off That Dress, And Let’s Get Outta Here (2:40)
17. Ein Roboterleben (7:05)
18. Farewell To Lilliput (:57)

Sunday, November 21, 2010

CLIFF MARTINEZ to score "The Lincoln Lawyer"

New project for Martinez, at last.

Title is "‘The Lincoln Lawyer’". Brad Furman directs the legal drama which stars Matthew McConaughey, Marisa Tomei, John Leguizamo, Ryan Phillippe and William H. Macy and it's bound for a March 18 release.

Source here.

Friday, November 19, 2010

Harry Gregson-Williams to score ‘Cowboys & Aliens’

According to the film’s new trailer, Harry Gregson-Williams has been hired to score the upcoming sci-fi action movie Cowboys & Aliens. For more info visit the source site here.


1. Goodbye My Friend – Guido and Maurizio DeAngelis
2. I Wanna Be Your Dog – Iggy Pop
3. Just Dropped In (To See What Condition My Condition Was In) – Kenny Rogers & The First Edition
4. Short Change Hero – The Heavy
5. Grifos Muertos – Jeffrey Luck Lucas
6. John The Revelator – Adewale Akinnuoye-Agbaje
7. Ten Year Stretch – Clint Mansell
8. History Lesson – Clint Mansell
9. Predators & Prey – Clint Mansell
10. Lost lives – Clint Mansell
11. Lovers – Clint Mansell
12. Hospital Visit – Clint Mansell
13. The Driver Drives – Clint Mansell
14. Family Matters – Clint Mansell
15. On A Mission – Clint Mansell
16. Redemption – Clint Mansell
Listen to the score HERE and HERE.

Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Lorne Balfe to join Hans Zimmer on ‘The Dilemma'

Film Music Reporter has learned that Lorne Balfe will be the co-composer of Ron Howard’s upcoming comedy The Dilemma alongside Hans Zimmer, who previously has been announced as the film’s composer.

More here:


November 16, 2010. The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) is proud to announce the formation of the IFMCA Legends archive, celebrating the life and work of some of film music’s greatest historical artists.

Although the primary focus of the IFMCA is the celebration of the best in modern contemporary film music, it is also fully aware of the amazing legacy of groundbreaking music left by the classic Golden Age and Silver Age composers of decades past. To that end, the IFMCA has established the IFMCA Legends archive, which celebrates the work of these cinematic pioneers. Other than their musical contribution, the only other criteria necessary to become a member of the IFMCA Legends archive is to be deceased.

Each year, starting this year, IFMCA members will vote on new inductees who, in their opinion, have left an indelible mark on the world of film music through their groundbreaking scores, and who are deserving of recognition for their work. Each inductee will be the subject of an in-depth essay written by one of the IFMCA’s members, highlighting their life and most important scores, and which will be featured in a special new section on the IFMCA website.

For this inaugural year, IFMCA members chose five initial inductees. In future years, two new inductees will be chosen. The initial five inductees are:

- Jerry Goldsmith
- Bernard Herrmann
- Alex North
- Miklós Rózsa
- Max Steiner

The archival articles on these composers will be written by IFMCA members Jon Broxton, Bob den Hartog, James Southall, Konstantinos Sotiropoulos and Paul Cote, and will be published on the IFMCA website at over the course of the next few days.

The International Film Music Critics Association (IFMCA) is an association of online, print and radio journalists who specialize in writing about original film and television music.

The IFMCA was originally formed in the late 1990s as the now-defunct “Film Music Critics Jury” by editor and journalist Mikael Carlsson, a regular contributor to Music from the Movies, and the owner of the Swedish independent film music label MovieScore Media. Since its inception, the IFMCA has grown to comprise over 50 members from countries as diverse as Australia, Belgium, Canada, Cyprus, France, Germany, Greece, Ireland, Italy, the Netherlands, Poland, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, the United Kingdom, and the United States of America.

The group’s main focus is the IFMCA Awards, which it presents annually to the best original scores from motion pictures, television and video games from the preceding calendar year. Previous IFMCA Score of the Year Awards have been awarded to Michael Giacchino’s UP in 2009, Alexandre Desplat’s THE CURIOUS CASE OF BENJAMIN BUTTON in 2008, Dario Marianelli’s ATONEMENT in 2007, James Newton Howard’s LADY IN THE WATER in 2006, John Williams’ MEMOIRS OF A GEISHA in 2005 and Michael Giacchino’s THE INCREDIBLES in 2004.

For more information about the International Film Music Critics Association, its members and the list of past awards, please visit or contact You can also follow the IFMCA on Facebook.

DAFT PUNK - Tron: Legacy

Product details

    * Original Release Date: 6 Dec 2010
    * Release Date: 6 Dec 2010
    * Label: Disney Records (Europe)
    * Copyright: (C) 2010 Disney This label copy information is the subject of copyright protection. All rights reserved. (C) 2010 Disney
    * Total Length: 58:37

SOUND CLIPS and info here.

Friday, November 12, 2010

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT to score the 2nd part of the final Harry Potter installment

Warner Bros has officially confirmed that Alexandre Desplat will be back as the composer for the last installment in the Harry Potter series Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 2.

Read more here.

3 New interviews with composer of the latest Harry Potter score, ALEXANDRE DESPLAT

Check out the new interviews with composer Alexandre Desplat on his score for Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part 1 which have been published online during the last couple of days. 

Read the articles here, here, and here.

John Williams confirmed for ‘War Horse’

Film Music Reporter has been able to confirm that John Williams is officially attached to score Steven Spielberg’s War Horse.



Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

Music Composed by

James Newton Howard

(Duplicity, Peter Pan, I Am Legend)

Johnny Depp stars as an American tourist whose playful dalliance with a stranger leads to a web of intrigue, romance and danger in The Tourist. During an impromptu trip to Europe to mend a broken heart, Frank (Depp) unexpectedly finds himself in a flirtatious encounter with Elise (Angelina Jolie), an extraordinary woman who deliberately crosses his path.

Against the breathtaking backdrop of Paris and Venice, their whirlwind romance quickly evolves as they find themselves unwittingly thrust into a deadly game of cat and mouse.

James Newton Howard provides a worldly, romantic and exotic score.

Sony Pictures opens THE TOURIST on over 3500 screens on December 10.

Varèse Sarabande Catalog #: 302 067 075 2

Release Date: 12/21/10

Thursday, November 11, 2010

DANNY ELFMAN - next three days

Product Details

    * Audio CD (November 16, 2010)
    * Number of Discs: 1
    * Format: Soundtrack
    * Label: Lion's Gate Records

Matthew Margeson, composer of Skyline (2010)

Product Details

    * Audio CD (November 16, 2010)
    * Original Release Date: 2010
    * Number of Discs: 1
    * Format: Soundtrack
    * Label: Varese Sarabande

sound clips here.



Track Listings
1. Stanton, PA
2. Frank Barnes
3. Will's Story
4. Ned
5. Dewey
6. Not A Coaster
7. Are You In Or Are You Out?
8. Realign The Switch
9. Galvin's Strategy
10. Playing Chicken With Trains
11. Will Guides 1206
12. The Stanton Curve
13. Who Do I Kiss First?

Product Details

* Audio CD (December 7, 2010)
* Original Release Date: 2010
* Number of Discs: 1
* Format: Soundtrack
* Label: La-La Land Records

Sound Clips here.

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT - the king's speech

Product Details

    * Audio CD (November 22, 2010)
    * Original Release Date: 2010
    * Number of Discs: 1
    * Format: Soundtrack
    * Label: Decca
    * ASIN: B00474AB7W


Tuesday, November 2, 2010

JOHAN SÖDERQVIST - In a better world (2010)

MovieScore Media presents

Music Composed by

Sound clips and more info:

CD distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment:

"Johan Söderqvist's score is a small masterpiece, he nails all the right emotions, accentuates the narrative and marks up its different layers ingeniously." - Dagens Nyheter

Continuing our exciting relationship with Swedish composer Johan Söderqvist (Let the Right One In), we are proud to release his brilliant and unique score for the critically acclaimed drama In a Better World.

This is Johan's eighth film together with Danish auteur Susanne Bier, and while the music certainly has the same touch of intimacy and emotional depth as the previous Bier/Söderqvist collaborations (such as Brother and After the Wedding), In a Better World is also highly original in its use of instrumental colors.

Carrying the tone in the score is the African instrument Mbira as well as some heartbreakingly beautiful vocal solos - everything elegantly sweeped in Söderqvist's very personal mix of warm string writing and shimmering electronics. In a Better World could very well be both Susanne Bier's and Johan Söderqvist's most impressive works to date. Not to be missed!

Track titles:
1 In a Better World: Main Title 1.57
2 Marianne 0.52
3 Anton's Alone 0.57
4 Trying To Save Her 1.26
5 To Denmark 2.23
6 The Idiot 1.20
7 Anton Swims 1.19
8 In the Field 2.06
9 Flying Kite 1.19
10 The Fireworks 1.43
11 After the Call 0.48
12 To Homecamp 1.09
13 Dawning 2.24
14 Big Man 2.47
15 Let's Do It 1.46
16 Elias Says No 1.41
17 On the Silo 0.44
18 The Bomb 3.06
19 The Revenge 2.07
20 We'll Know Tomorrow 0.53
21 Christian Disappears 6.07
22 In a Better World: End Title 6.27
23 Epilogue 1.51

MMS10022 IN A BETTER WORLD (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Music Composed by JOHAN SÖDERQVIST
Release date (CD only): November 2, 2010

BASIL POLEDOURIS' CONAN THE BARBARIAN - complete re-recording by Tadlow Music and Prague Orchestra

Conan The Barbarian - Basil Poledouris

A Special 2CD Edition featuring
the finest film score from BASIL POLEDOURIS
Recording Produced for Prometheus Records by James Fitzpatrick

* 2 CD Set with 24 page full Colour Booklet
* Featuring for the First Time the COMPLETE 100-Minute Film Score
* The Original Greig McRitchie Orchestrations
* Over 2 Hours of Music
* Includes Previously Unreleased Music
* Newly Recorded in Stunning and Dynamic Digital Sound
* Performed by the Acclaimed and Award-Winning 96-piece City of Prague Philharmonic Orchestra and 100-voice
CPPO Chorus Conducted by Nic Raine
* Bonus Material including alternate cues and music from CONAN THE DESTROYER
* Informative and Expert Sleeve Notes by Frank K DeWald
* Booklet introduction by Zoe and Alexis Poledouris

CD 1
1. Prologue – Film Version / Anvil of Crom (3:38)
2. Riddle of Steel / Riders of Doom (5:23)
3. The Gift of Fury (3:25)
4. Column of Sadness/Wheel of Pain (4:09)
5. Pit Fights* (2:45)
6. Prologue – Original Version (1:03)
7. Atlantean Sword (4:00)
8. Wolf Witch* (3:21)
9. Theology / Civilization (3:04)
10. The Street of Deviants */ Hopefuls at the Tower of Set* (1:28)
11. The Tower of Set* / Snake Attack* (Las Cantigas de Santa Maria) (5:21)
12. Infidels* (1:03)
13. The Tavern* (1:51)
14. The Wifeing (2:20)
15. In the Court of King Osric* (1:13)
16. Conan Leaves Valeria / The Search (6:03)
17. The Mountain of Power / Capture* (4:00
18. The Tree of Woe / Recovery (6:04)

tt: 60:20

CD 2
1. The Kitchen / The Orgy (6:23)
2. Orgy Fight *(2:53)
3. Funeral Pyre (5:15)
4. Battle Preparations / Battle of the Mounds part 1 (5:59)
5. Battle of the Mounds part 2* (2:11)
6. Battle of the Mounds part 3 / Night of Doom (5:56)
7. Head Chop* (0:53)
8. Orphans of Doom / The Awakening (6:30)
9. Epilogue / End Titles* (5:13)

10. Theology / Civilization – Alternate Version (3:27)
11. The Tower of Set – Alternate Cues* (3:37)
12. Battle of the Mounds part 2 – Original Version* (2:11)
13. Chamber of Mirrors from CONAN THE DESTROYER (7:16)
14. Riders of Doom – Orchestral Version (4:05)

tt: 61:48

* Previously Unrecorded

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Interview with composer A.R.RAHMAN on 127 hours

A pretty detailed interview with Rahman about his score for 127 Hours, click HERE.

Here's a video of the composer talking about the score, HERE.

Saturday, October 30, 2010

New interview with Bear McCreary

You can listen to an interview with Bear McCreary at He talks about Battlestar Galactica, Human Target, Step Up 3D and The Walking Dead.

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

ARMAND AMAR, the city of Prague Philarmonic - Hors La Loi (Bof)

Product details

    * CD (23 septembre 2010)
    * Nombre de disques: 1
    * Format : Import
    * Label: Long Distance
Sound clips and tracklisting, HERE.

Tuesday, October 26, 2010

MARC STREITENFIELD - Welcome to the Rileys

New release from Lakeshore Records - Music by Marc Streitenfeld

Lakeshore Records will release the Welcome to the Rileys -- Original Motion Picture Soundtrack available digitally and in stores on November 2, 2010.  Marc Streitenfeld ( American Gangster, Robin Hood composed the original music.  The soundtrack also features songs by Ying Yang Twins, Kitty Davis and Lewis, Odetta, Shiny Toy Guns, Joe Simon, and The Kills.

German-born composer Marc Streitenfeld is known for his work on numerous high profile Hollywood feature films.  Streitenfeld has composed the music for four consecutive Ridley Scott films, which include most recently Robin Hood starring Russell Crowe and Cate Blanchett, the BAFTA nominated score for  American Gangster, the thriller Body of Lies and the romantic comedy  A Good Year .  In 2008, Streitenfeld won the prestigious World Soundtrack Award’s “Discovery of the Year” at the Ghent International Film Festival.

For Welcome to the Rileys, Streitenfeld created a beautiful intimate score. This banjo-driven score ranges from a light and playful feel to a dark and intense, spooky tone. Streitenfeld played most of the instruments himself on the score.  'Jake Scott has a very sophisticated knowledge of music. It was a rewarding experience to work on the film,” says Streitenfeld.
  Welcome to the Rileys is a powerful drama about finding hope in the most unusual of places. Once a happily married and loving couple, Doug and Lois Riley (James Gandolfini and Melissa Leo) have grown apart since losing their teenage daughter eight years prior. Leaving his agoraphobic wife behind to go on a business trip to New Orleans, Doug meets a 17-year-old runaway (Kristen Stewart) and the two form a platonic bond. For Lois and Doug, what initially appears to be the final straw that will derail their relationship, turns out to be the inspiration they need to renew their marriage.

Looking to get away, Doug goes on a business trip to New Orleans. He meets Mallory (Kristen Stewart), a teenage runaway.  The opportunity to care and protect Mallory supplants the void Doug's marriage has left in his heart, and brings new meaning to his life. Doug decides to sell his business and stay in New Orleans to give Mallory the attention and help she can't bring herself to ask for. Lois overcomes her phobia and ventures to New Orleans to reclaim her marriage. What initially seems to be the final straw that will derail their marriage turns out to be the inspiration for Lois and Doug to renew their love for each other.

01. Welcome To The Rileys – Marc Streitenfeld
02. Rebirth – Marc Streitenfeld
03. I Am Here – Marc Streitenfeld
04. Walking In New Orleans – Marc Streitenfeld
05. Alive – Marc Streitenfeld
06. Trouble Sleeping – Marc Streitenfeld
07. Private Parts – Marc Streitenfeld
08. Headstone – Marc Streitenfeld
09. Time – Marc Streitenfeld
10. On The Road – Marc Streitenfeld
11. Nobody's Little Girl – Marc Streitenfeld
12. End Title - Walking Reprise – Marc Streitenfeld
13. Going Up The Country - Kitty Daisy And Lewis
14. Go Down, Sunshine - Odetta
15. Teenager’s Prayer - Joe Simon
16. Le Disko - Shiny Toy Guns
17. U.R.A. Fever - The Kills
18. Jigglin - Ying Yang Twins

Samuel Goldwyn Films and Destination Films present Welcome To The Rileys in select theaters on October 29, 2010.  Welcome to the Rileys – Original Motion Picture Soundtrack on Lakeshore Records will be released digitally and in stores on November 2, 2010

Original source in the title link.

Monday, October 25, 2010

CLINT EASTWOOD - hereafter


1. “Beginning Credits”
2. “Tsunami”
3. “Embrace”
4. “Jason Dies”
5. “Marie Back Home”
6. “Sad George”
7. “Jason’s Ashes”
8. “Mom Leaves”
9. “Talk Of The Hereafter”
10. “George Watches Her Go”
11. “Two Beds”
12. “Bonjour”
13. “Marie’s Research”
14. “Without A Partner”
15. “Multiple Attempts”
16. “Hat Chase”
17. “Used To Be Happy”
18. “George Eats Alone”
19. “George’s Letter”
20. “Book Signing”
21. “Marcus Waits”
22. “Marcus Goes Home”
23. “A Letter To Marie”
24. “Marie And George”
25. “End Credits”

All songs composed by Clint Eastwood.

DAVID ARNOLD - The Chronicles of Narnia:The Voyage of the Dawn Treader

Product Details

* Audio CD (December 7, 2010)
* Number of Discs: 1

Exlusive first listen of the score from

CLINT MANSELL - Black Swan (2010)

Product Details

    * Audio CD (November 30, 2010)
    * Original Release Date: 2010
    * Number of Discs: 1
    * Format: Soundtrack

 Track Listings
1. Nina's
2. Mother Me
3. The New Season
4. A Room of Her Own
5. A New Swan Queen
6. Lose Yourself
7. Cruel Mistress
8. Power, Seduction, Cries
9. The Double
10. Opposites Attract
11. Night of Terror
12. Stumbled Beginnings...
13. It's My Time
14. A Swan Is Born
15. Perfection
16. A Swan Song (for Nina)

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT - Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, PART I (2010)

Here's the tracklist of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
1. Obliviate 03:02
2. Snape to Malfoy Manor 01:58
3. Polyjuice Potion 03:32
4. Sky Battle 03:49
5. At The Burrow 02:35
6. Harry and Ginny 01:44
7. The Will 03:39
8. Death Eaters 03:15
9. Dobby 03:49
10. Ministry of Magic 01:46
11. Detonators 02:23
12. The Locket 01:52
13. Fireplaces Escape 02:55
14. Ron Leaves 02:36
15. The Exodus 01:38
16. Godric's Hollow Graveyard 03:15
17. Bathilda Bagshot 03:54
18. Hermione's Parents 05:51
19. Destroying the Locket 01:11
20. Ron's Speech 02:17
21. Lovegood 03:28
22. The Deathly Hallows 03:18
23. Captured and Tortured 02:57
24. Rescuing Hermione 01:51
25. Farewell to Dobby 03:44
26. The Elder Wand 01:37

Thursday, October 21, 2010

A.R.RAHMAN - 127 Hours: Music from the Motion Picture [Soundtrack]

Product Details
Audio CD (November 22, 2010)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Interscope Records


JOHN POWELL - fair game (2010)

Product Details
Audio CD (November 2, 2010)
Original Release Date: 2010
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Lakeshore Records


ALEXANDRE DESPLAT - Harry Potter & Deathly Hallows Part One (2010)

Product Details
Audio CD (November 16, 2010)
Original Release Date: 2010
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Enhanced, Soundtrack
Label: Watertower Music


Wednesday, October 13, 2010

CARTER BURWELL - Howl (2010) (CD)

1. Supernatural darkness
2. I saw the best minds
3. From park to pad to bar to bellevue
4. Weeping in the parks
5. And their heads shall be crowned
6. My mother
7. Now denver is lonesome for her heroes
8. Prophecy
9. Moloch!
10. I'm with you in Rockland
11. Angelic bombs
12. Holy

CHRISTOPHER LENNERTZ and JAY GRUSKA - Supernatural season 1-5 ( CD-R)

Composed by: Christopher Lennertz, Jay Gruska

This is a CDr manufactured on demand by Amazon. Each disc comes fully packaged, with artwork, in a standard jewel case.

1. And So It Begins Christopher Lennertz 3:32
2. Luci'fer, You Got Some 'splainin' To Do! Jay Gruska 5:44
3. Isn't It Bromatic? Christopher Lennertz 5:14
4. Demon Agitato, Mr. Ostinato Jay Gruska 5:03
5. Dean's Dirty Organ (Brother's Guitar Theme) Christopher Lennertz 2:20
6. Americana Jay Gruska 4:06
7. The Grateful Undead Christopher Lennertz 3:37
8. "Salmon Dean" In The Heartland Jay Gruska 3:57
9. Blood Drops Keep Falling On My Head Christopher Lennertz 4:25
10. Old 'monster Movie' Jay Gruska 3:38
11. Decapitation Variations Christopher Lennertz 2:59
12. Tears In My Beers Jay Gruska 2:54
13. Gratuitous Sex and Violins Christopher Lennertz 4:46
14. Ruby: So Cute, So Creepy Jay Gruska 3:23
15. The Family Business / Elegy for John Christopher Lennertz 4:27
16. The Meatsuit Mambo Jay Gruska 2:05
17. Lilith Unfair Christopher Lennertz 4:00
18. End Credits & Mo' Guitar Grit Jay Gruska 3:35

Monday, October 11, 2010

HANS ZIMMER related news: One new score release with Lorne Balfe and a new video interview

Source: Lakeshore Records

Hans Zimmer teams up again with Lorne Balfe

On November 2nd, Lakeshore records will be releasing the soundtrack to Megamind. The score is composed by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe who previously worked together on Sherlock Holmes. This new Dreamworks Animimation film is starring the voices of Will Ferrell (Megamind) and Brad Pitt (Metro Man). Megamind is the most brilliant super-villain the world has ever known... and the least successful. Over the years, he has tried to conquer Metro City in every imaginable way -- Each attempt, a colossal failure thanks to the caped superhero known as 'Metro Man,' until the day Megamind actually defeats him in the throes of one of his botched evil plans. Suddenly, the fate of Metro City is threatened when a new villain arrives and chaos runs rampant, leaving everyone to wonder: Can the world's biggest 'mind' actually be the one to save the day?


Megamind (Music From The Motion Picture) 
Various Artists and Original Music by Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe 

01. Giant Blue Head - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
02. Tightenville (Hal's Theme) - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
03. Bad To The Bone – George Thorogood & The Destroyers
04. Stars and Tights - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
05. Crab Nuggets - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
06. A Little Less Conversation (Junkie XL Remix) – Elvis Presley
07. Mel-On-Cholly - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
08. Ollo - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
09. Roxanne (Love Theme) - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
10. Alone Again Naturally - Gilbert O'Sullivan
11. Drama Queen - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
12. Rejection In The Rain - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
13. Lovin’ You - Minnie Riperton
14. Black Mamba - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
15. Game Over - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
16. I’m The Bad Guy - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe
17. Evil Lair - Hans Zimmer and Lorne Balfe

Also check out this new VIDEO INTERVIEW ON INCEPTION (score) on Oscar Watch, here

ALEXANDRE DESPLAT - the special relationship (2010, CD)

Original Television Soundtrack

Music Composed by Alexandre Desplat

The third in screenwriter Peter Morgan’s trilogy on Tony Blair, following The Deal, which aired on HBO, and the Academy Award-nominated film The Queen, The Special Relationship stars Michael Sheen as Tony Blair and Dennis Quaid as Bill Clinton. 

In 1993, ambitious British politician Tony Blair arrives in Washington D.C. to meet with advisors who helped bring Bill Clinton into office.  At his meeting, Blair is given war room wisdom: “Listen to what the people are saying. It’s easier to change what the party stands for than what the people want.”  Three years later, Blair puts the advice to work, declaring “Je suis European” at a speech in Paris, committing himself to his fellow Continentals. 

When both Blair and Clinton are swept into office, Clinton shares with Blair his excitement over their “unique opportunity” to advance their center-left ideas and bring genuine change over the next few years.  As the two men continue their terms in office, world and personal events determine which man has the upper hand in the long-standing alliance.  The conflict in Northern Ireland, the Monica Lewinsky scandal, and differing strategies about the crisis in Kosovo all play a part in shifting their positions on the world stage, and their opinions of each other.  And when the 2000 election brings new leadership into the White House, it is up to Blair to decide how the relationship will carry on. 

Alexandre Desplat adds another extraordinary score to his long list of recent achievements (The Curious Case Of Benjamin Button, The Queen, Twilight: New Moon).

After numerous delays that were beyond our control, which resulted in pushing the album right off our release schedule, we are so happy to finally make this wonderful score available.

THE SPECIAL RELATIONSHIP began airing on HBO on May 29.

Varèse Sarabande Catalog #: 302 064 208 2 

1. Tony Meets Bill (4:09)
2. Tony Meets Jacques (3:20)
3. Election Victory (1:20)
4. Northern Ireland (5:37)
5. Hillary C (6:06)
6. Trouble For Bill (1:54)
7. Tony Saves Bill (4:02)
8. Kosovo (5:43)
9. Monica L (5:50)
10. The Chicago Speech (1:59)
11. Number One Leader (5:20)
12. Farewell (3:27)

You'll find INFO / SOUND CLIPS at the link provided here.

Special LOST release: LOST: The Last Episodes (varese, 2010 CD)

LOST: The Last Episodes
Original Television Soundtrack

Music Composed by Michael Giacchino

LOST's final season contained just too much great music from Michael Giacchino for a single or even a double CD to suffice. It was clear at the recording session for the series finale that our treatment of this historic television saga demanded an unprecedented final soundtrack release. In total we have chronicled LOST's final season with not one or two or even three CDs full of music, but a full 4 discs, featuring five hours of music! Lost: The Last Episodes now joins our previously released Lost: The Final Season to conclude our presentation of music from LOST's final sixteen episodes.

CD 1 of LOST: The Last Episodes features music from The Candidate, Across The Sea and What They Died For. Disc 2 is devoted solely to the epic and emotional concluding episode, The End. And that brings our LOST soundtrack series to a whopping ten discs! Bravo to Michael Giacchino and congratulations to J.J. Abrams, Damon Lindelof, Carlton Cuse, Bryan Burk and the entire LOST team! And thank you to all the LOST fans who have been part of this epic journey since Varèse Sarabande's Season 1 album. We are thrilled to offer this very special release to bring LOST's musical story to a moving and poignant end.

LOST Season 6 was released on DVD and BluRay from ABC Home Video on August 24.

Varèse Sarabande Catalog #: 302 064 207 2


1. Cage Crashers (:45) 
2. Shephard’s Why (1:08)
3. Sub-Primed (6:33) 
4. SS Lost-tanic (6:56) 
5. Flew The Coop (2:06)
6. Across the Sea (1:54) 
7. Don’t Look At the Light (3:31)
8. A Brother’s Quarrel (2:58) 
9. Make Like a Tree (6:10)
10. Mother of a Plan (5:14) 
11. Mother of Sorrows (3:56)
12. Love is Stronger Than Death (2:51) 
13. Cereal Experience (2:25)
14. The Four Amigos (1:13) 
15. Walk And Talk And Aah! (2:31)
16. Hide and Snitch (3:00) 
17. A Better Ben (1:56) 
18. What They Died For (3:30)
19. Jack’s Cup Runneth Over (1:41) 
20. Get Out Of Jail Free Card (3:10)


1. Parallelocam (3:23) 
2. Leaver-age (1:10) 
3. The Stick With Me Speech (3:05)
4. Ultrasonic Flash (2:52) 
5. Fly By Dire (:52) 
6. Down The Hobbit Hole (4:34)
7. Dysfunctional Setup (2:15) 
8. The Well Of Holes (3:21)
9. Pulling Out All The Stops (2:28) 
10. Blood From a Locke (:33)
11. Our Lady of Perpetual Labor (4:35) 
12. If A Tree Falls (2:56) 
13. Locke v. Jack (2:21)
14. Can’t Keep Locke Down (2:51) 
15. The Long Kiss Goodbye (5:29)
16. We Can Go Dutch (2:28) 
17. Kate Flashes Jack (1:13) 
18. Hurley’s Coronation (2:47)
19. The Hole Shabang (7:29)
20. Aloha (1:12) 
21. Closure (8:08) 
22. Jumping Jack’s Flash (:56)
23. Moving On (7:53) 

Bonus Track:

24. Parting Words (Drive Shaft) (3:32)

SOUND CLIPS / info by clicking on the title of the article.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

JOHN POWELL | Fair Game (2010) (CD)

Original Release Date: October 26, 2010

Format - Music: MP3

Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

Also available in CD Format
CD version here.
The soundtrack arrives a little early. October 26 digitally and November 2 physically via Lakeshore Records. Tracklist below.

"Fair Game" (Original Motion Picture Score) John Powell

01. Kuala Lumpur

02. The White House

03. Gathering Intel

04. Joe's Report

05. Bruises

06. Smaky

07. Sixteen Words

08. Run Up To War

09. Change the Story

10. Uncomfortable Love

11. Breaking Point

12. Ready To Fight

13. Testify
More info on the movie and score cd release, here.
Sound clips available here.

Saturday, October 9, 2010

New interview with BOND composer, DAVID ARNOLD

Check out a very informative and funny new interview with the composer of the Bond films for the last 5 years, David Arnold. 

Thursday, September 30, 2010

Interview with RAMIN DJAWADI, composer of the new MEDAL OF HONOR game (2010)

Born in Germany, film composer Ramin Djawadi graduated Summa Cum Laude from Berklee School of Music in 1998. Soon after, Djawadi garnered the attention of composer Hans Zimmer, who encouraged him to move to Los Angeles. At Remote Control Productions, Djawadi served as an orchestrator and assistant to Hans Zimmer. He also worked with him on different projects including Thunderbirds and Batman Begins. More importantly, he wrote additional music for the first Pirates of the Caribbean film, The Time Machine and The Recruit. Eventually, Djawadi began to work on his own, starting with his collaboration with 

RZA for David Goyer’s film, Blade: Trinity. Since then, Ramin Djawadi has written music for Iron Man, The Unborn, Mr. Brooks, Clash of the Titans, Prison Break, Open Season and recently the new Medal of Honor videogame.

You can listen to the interview in our latest edition of Composer Talk! 

Original link here.

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Saturday, September 18, 2010

TRENT REZNOR (Nine Inch Nails) and ATTICUS ROSS - THE SOCIAL NETWORK soundtrack (previously known as "the FACEBOOK movie")

The Social Network soundtrack will be released digitally on Tuesday September 28th with physical formats to follow in October. You can pre-order standard CD, Blu-ray (audio only 5.1 surround and high resolution stereo) and 2 disc 180g vinyl formats now. All preorders include an instant 5 song sampler download and a full digital album delivered by email on 9/28. Standalone digital will be available for purchase EXCLUSIVELY on Amazon MP3 at a promotional rate of $2.99 for a 48 hour period starting 12:01am PT on 9/28. Digital purchases will begin here 9/30 at 12:01am PT.

Sign up and download a free copy of The Social Network sampler so you can Download 5 tracks from the score by going here.

Friday, September 17, 2010

DAVID HIRSCHFELDER - Legends Of The Guardians: The Owls Of Ga'hoole - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack

1.To The Sky - Owl City
2.Flight Home (The Guardian Theme)
3.Taken To St Aggeles
4.Welcome To The Pellatorium
5.A Long Way To The Guardians
6.You Know We’re Flying
7.A Friend Or Two
8.The Boy Was Right
9.Sharpen The Battle Claws
10.Follow The Whale’s Fin
11.Into Battle
12.Hello Brother
13.My Soldiers My Sons
14.More Baggy Wrinkles

Music composed by David Hirschfelder. Includes the new song “To The Sky” by Owl City

More at this page and here.

Wednesday, September 15, 2010

THE TOWN - Harry Gregson Williams / David Buckley (2010) (CD)

Product details
Performers: David Buckley
Original Release Date: 20 Sep 2010
Label: Silva Screen Records
Copyright: 2010 Silva Screen Records
Total Length: 41:52