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CLIFF EIDELMAN - Big Miracle (2011, cd)

Inspired by the true story that captured the hearts of people across the world, the rescue adventure Big Miracle tells the amazing tale of a small town news reporter (John Krasinski) and a Greenpeace volunteer (Drew Barrymore) who are joined by rival world superpowers to save a family of majestic gray whales trapped by rapidly forming ice in the Arctic Circle.
Local newsman Adam Carlson (Krasinski) can’t wait to escape the northern tip of Alaska for a bigger market. But just when the story of his career breaks, the world comes chasing it, too. With an oil tycoon, heads of state and hungry journalists descending upon the frigid outpost, the one who worries Adam the most is Rachel Kramer (Barrymore). Not only is she an outspoken environmentalist, she’s also his ex-girlfriend.
With time running out, Rachel and Adam must rally an unlikely coalition of Inuit natives, oil companies and Russian and American military to set aside their differences and free the whales. As the world’s attention turns to the top of the globe, saving these endangered animals becomes a shared cause for nations entrenched against one another and leads to a momentary thaw in the Cold War.
1. Main Title (Whale Hunt) (2:05)
2. Barrow (:55)
3. National News (3:15)
4. Fighting The Ice (:28)
5. The World Beneath (2:19)
6. Fred, Wilma And Bam Bam (1:22)
7. Solid Ice (1:38)
8. Pressure Ridge (5:09)
9. Inupiats’ Decision (1:42)
10. Media Frenzy / Will It Work? (2:31)
11. A Change Of Heart (1:19)
12. Kelly Can’t Connect (2:20)
13. We’re In Big Trouble Out Here (2:14)
14. Generating Hope (1:13)
15. The Barge Fails (1:20)
16. New Breathing Holes (1:18)
17. The Russians Make A Bet / Gorby, It’s Ronny (2:24)
18. It’s Going To Be Okay (1:12)
19. Missing (1:26)
20. Bam Bam Is Gone / A Prayer (3:52)
21. Answering The Call (1:56)
22. The Russians Break Through (4:13)
23. Freedom (2:04)
24. Where Are They Now (3:08)
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Scottish composer Patrick Doyle needs no further introduction to film music fans, but let’s just try to condense what he has achieved so far since he made his over-night break-through with Kenneth Branagh’s Henry V in 1989: two Oscar nominations, two Golden Globe nominations, the winner of multiple prestigious awards, fruitful collaborations with acclaimed directors such as Kenneth Branagh, Brian de Palma, Mike Newell and Régis Wargnier – the director of Man to Man. MovieScore Media’s tenth entry in the ‘Discovery Collection’ features the proud and epic score from this ‘adventure movie with brains’, composed by Patrick Doyle in his most lyrical, melodic and exciting mood. Exquisit orchestrations, beautifully brought to life by the London Symphony Orchestra, elegant counterpoint (a trademark asset in Doyle’s music) and engaging rhythmic writing makes Man to Man one of the composer’s finest works, crowned by a magnificient main theme! First edition of the CD is limited to 1,000 copies.

1. Suite from "Man to Man" 4:28
2. Main Title and The Rapids 3:18
3. Paying the King 1:30
4. Capsized 2:19
5. Sea Sickness 0:51
6. Abigail's Feeling 1:40
7. Measuring the Pygmies 1:57
8. Pygmy Chase 3:08
9. Hitting Trees 1:43
10. Likola Kills 2:07
11. Alexander's Arrow 0:53
12. The Net 1:00
13. Apes and Mankind 2:37
14. Baby 1:29
15. The Kidnapping of Likola 1:17
16. Alexander Cut 1:14
17. Catching Elena 0:54
18. In the Snow 2:06
19. The Return of Likola 3:00
20. Monkey Waltz 1:33

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THOMAS NEWMAN - The iron lady (cd, 2011)

Audio CD (December 27, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack

Track Listings
1. Soliders Of The Queen
2. MT
3. Grocer's Daughter
4. Grand Hotel
5. Swing Parliament
6. Eyelash
7. Shall We Dance? (From "The King & I")
8. Denis
9. The Great in Great Britian
10. Aire Neave
11. Discord and Harmony
12. The Twins
13. Nation of Shopkeepers
14. Fiscal Responsibility
15. Crisis of Confidence
16. Community Charge
17. Casta Diva (From "Norma")
18. The Difficult Decisions
19. Exclusion Zone
20. Statecraft
21. Steady the Buffs
22. Prelude No. 1 in C major,BWV 846

Editorial Reviews
The Iron Lady tells the compelling story of Margaret Thatcher (Meryl Streep), a woman who smashed through the barriers of gender and class to be heard in a male- dominated world. The story concerns power, the price that is paid for power, and is a surprising and intimate portrait of an extraordinary and complex woman. Directed by Phyllida Lloyd (Mamma Mia!). Best known for his many film scores, Thomas Newman is one of the more respected and recognized composers for modern film. He has scored over fifty feature films in a career which spans nearly three decades. Newman has received a total of ten Academy Award nominations on such diverse scores as Road To Perdition, Finding Nemo, Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events and Steven Soderbergh's The Good German. He has won two Grammy Awards, an Emmy and has been nominated for a Golden Globe.

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HANS ZIMMER - Sherlock Holmes: A Game Of Shadows (2011, cd)

Product Details

    Audio CD (December 13, 2011)
    Original Release Date: 2011
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: WaterTower Music

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BRIAN TYLER - call of duty: modern warfare 3

Product Details

    Original Release Date: November 8, 2011
    Release Date: November 8, 2011
    Label: Activision
    Copyright: (C) 2011 Activision
    Record Company Required Metadata: Music file contains unique purchase identifier. Learn more.
    Total Length: 1:18:38
    ASIN: B005ZLRT5S

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A nod to one of the year's best scores: MARK McKENZIE - The Greatest Miracle (2011)



LOS ANGELES, CA (October 28, 2011)– Mark McKenzie scores the 3D animated faith-based family film The Greatest Miracle (El Gran Milagro). The film is directed by Bruce Morris (Finding Nemo) and produced by Mexico City-based Pablo Barosso and Claudia Nemer. The Greatest Miracle was released in both Spanish and English in Los Angeles and New York City for the week of October 14th to qualify for academy award consideration. In one week release, it was the third place film with the highest per screen average against films opening that week, including Footloose.

Last month, McKenzie’s heartfelt and uplifting suite from the score for the film was premiered as a special concert performance in Madrid, Spain as part of World Youth Day and Pope Benedict XVI’s visit. The Greatest Miracle (El Gran Milagro) tells an inspiring story of love, hope, and redemption as three characters mysteriously are drawn to attend morning mass. The composer incorporated over 100 musicians and performers into the score including an 80 piece orchestra and two choirs- the acclaimed London boys choir “Libera” and a women’s choir. The score album is available now on BSX Records and iTunes.

The lush, passionate score to The Greatest Miracle (El Gran Milagro) is matched to the narrative of gifted Disney Animation storyteller Morris (Finding Nemo, The Princess and the Frog and Pocahontas). McKenzie’s moving and dramatic composition connects perfectly with the film’s themes to create a powerful score.

McKenzie is one of a small number of composers working in Hollywood who orchestrates every note he composes. The talented composer/orchestrator has collaborated with virtually every major film composer over the past 20 years. The legendary composer Jerry Goldsmith chose McKenzie to orchestrate and provide additional music on his last seven films before his death. John Barry, Danny Elfman, Bruce Broughton, Alan Silvestri, Marc Shaiman, John Williams, and James Newton Howard all have enlisted McKenzie’s orchestral talent on many scores that have subsequently received Oscars. Although McKenzie has primarily scored independent projects, he has garnered a reputation for the thematic richness, beauty, and warmth of his scores.

McKenzie’s extensive list of film orchestration credits includes the films Spider-Man, Nightmare Before Christmas, Good Will Hunting and the Academy Award- winning Dances With Wolves. He also has composed and orchestrated Francis Ford Coppola's My Family / Mi Familia, The Ultimate Gift, and the award-winning Hallmark Hall of Fame television series.

Make sure you listen to the suite of the score here:

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Product Details

    Audio CD (October 25, 2011)
    Label: Madison Gate Records

Score for the new Roland Emmerich movie, Anonymous

Editorial Reviews
Set in the political snake-pit of Elizabethan England, Anonymous speculates on an issue that has for centuries intrigued academics and brilliant minds such as Mark Twain, Charles Dickens, and Sigmund Freud, namely: who actually created the body of work credited to William Shakespeare? Experts have debated, books have been written, and scholars have devoted their lives to protecting or debunking theories surrounding the authorship of the most renowned works in English literature. Anonymous poses one possible answer, focusing on a time when scandalous political intrigue, illicit romances in the Royal Court, and the schemes of greedy nobles lusting for the power of the throne were brought to light in the most unlikely of places: the London stage.

This product is manufactured on demand using CD-R recordable media.'s standard return policy will apply.

JOHN WILLIAMS - War Horse (2011, cd)

Williams score available on 11/22/2011.

A month after the score release of The Adventures of Tintin, Sony Marsterworks will be releasing John Williams score to War Horse. Williams collaborates again with director Steven Spielberg. A collaboration wich stays succesfull time after time. Spielberg tells the story of a young man named Albert and his horse, Joey, and how their bond is broken when Joey is sold to the cavalry and sent to the trenches of World War One. Despite being too young to enlist, Albert heads to France to save his friend.

Sony Masterworks will be releasing the score on November 22th 2011.

Track list:

1. Dartmoor, 1912 (3:35)
2. The Auction (3:43)
3. Bringing Joey Home, and Bonding (4:48)
4. Learning the Call (3:42)
5. Seeding, and Horse vs. Car (3:32)
6. Plowing (5:57)
7. Ruined Crop, and Going to War (3:33)
8. The Charge and Capture (3:21)
9. The Desertion (2:34)
10. Joey's New Friends (3:28)
11. Pulling the Cannon (4:58)
12. The Death of Topthorn (2:47)
13. No Man's Land (4:32)
14. The Reunion (3:52)
15. Remembering Emilie, and Finale (5:05)
16. The Homecoming (8:03)


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Product details

    Original Release Date: 28 Oct 2011
    Release Date: 28 Oct 2011
    Label: Decca (UMO)
    Copyright: (C) 2011 Decca Records, a Division of Universal Music Operations Limited
    Total Length: 48:11
    Genres: Soundtracks

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Sound clips and more info:

Pre-order CD (due next week) here:

Download album on iTunes here:

Working for the first time with Oscar-winning composer Stephen Warbeck (Shakespeare in Love), we are excited to announce our release of his sweeping, dramatic and exquisitely beautiful orchestral score for Princess Ka'iulani, a historical drama about the Hawaiian princess attempt to maintain the independence of Hawaii against the American colonization.

We strongly feel that Ka'iulani might be Warbeck's finest score to date: it's a very elegant, beautifully orchestrated work that has great themes, intimate emotions and subtle suspense writing too. Fittingly, the music is performed by the Honolulu Symphony Orchestra which is doing a first-rate job bringing Warbeck's passionate writing to life.

Implementing a new policy with this release and hoping to contribute to a new industry standard, MovieScore Media will denote the number of the manufactured edition on the CD. The first edition of Princess Ka’iulani is limited to 500 copies. 

Track titles:
1 The Beach and the Past 2.53 -
2 The King and the Protestors 2.31
3 Princess of Nowhere 3.52
4 Alone 1.10
5 Barcarolle (Tchaikovsky) 2.13
6 The Letter 1.18
7 The Reception 2.09
8 The Shells 2.19
9 Memory 1.36
10 The World in the Room 1.37
11 Ka’iulani 2.07 -
12 What Happened to Our Country 2.19 -
13 New World 2.21 -
14 The Pepper Story 1.10
15 Plotting 1.37
16 The Beach and the Letter 1.46
17 Eden Lost 1.47
18 The Amendment 1.22
19 Leave Taking 3.05
20 A Nation Died 1.43 -
21 The End 3.24
22 Barcarolle (Tchaikovsky) (long version) 4.52

MMS11017 PRINCESS KA´IULANI (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack) 
Music Composed by STEPHEN WARBECK
Release date (digital): October 18, 2011
Release date (CD): October 25, 2011

STEPHEN WARBECK - Polisse (Bande originale du film) (2011, mp3)

Product Details
Original Release Date: October 10, 2011
Label: L'R du Trésor
Copyright: 2011 L'R du Trésor
Total Length: 55:44
Format - Music: MP3
Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player

1. L’île aux enfants – Anne Germain
2. Les roumains
3. Les roumains (Oud Version)
4. Baby I’m Yours (feat. Irfane)- Breakbot
5. Kidnapping
6. Suspens
7. Suspens (Alternative Version)
8. Stand On the Word – Keedz
9. Blanket (feat. Imogen Heap) – Urban Species
10. Hall Melissa
11. Fred
12. Bebe Iris
13. Le temps qui passe
14. Le temps qui passe (Oud Version)
15. Déjeuner de Famille
16. Le cadeau
17. Le gymnase
18. Déménagement
19. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis
20. Rue du Faubourg Saint-Denis (Alternative Version)
21. La fin

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ROGUE BANOS - intruders (2011, mp3)

Here’s the album track list:

1. Shadow Monster
2. Juan’s Nightmare
3. Intruders Tittles
4. Waking Up Hollowface
5. John’s Family
6. The Worker Accident
7. Entering the Story
8. Rolling Boy
9. Fight in Mia’s Room
10. Back to the House
11. Second Attact
12. The Exorcism
13. Leaving Home
14. Mia’s Notes
15. In the Farm
16. Discovering the Truth
17. It’s Over
18. End Credits

Tuesday, October 11, 2011

TREVOR MORRIS - immortals (2011, cd)

1. Immortal and Divine
2. War in the Heavens
3. Hyperion’s Siren
4. Witness Hell
5. To Mt. Olympus
6. Enter the Oracles
7. Theseus and Phaedra
8. Poseidon’s Leap
9. This is your Calling
10. Theseus Fight the Minotaur
11. Theseus Fires the Bow
12. My Own Heart
13. Zeus’ Punishment
14. Ride to the Gates
15. In War Fathers Bury Their Sons
16. The Gods Chose Well
17. Fight So Your Name Survives
18. Battle in the Tunnel
19. Immortal Combat
20. Do Not Forsake Mankind
21. Apotheosis
22. Sky Fight / End Credits

For more info: click on the title's link

Greg Edmonson - Uncharted 3: Drake's Deception

Product Details
Audio CD (November 15, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 2
Label: La-La Land Records

(2-CD set) Presenting the original 2-CD score soundtrack to the new Sony PlayStation 3 video game Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception. The third installment of the hit Uncharted game series, Uncharted 3 - Drake's Deception continues the adventures of swashbuckling treasure hunter Nathan Drake, as he finds himself in a new variety of challenging environments. Composer Greg Edmonson (Firefly, King Of The Hill, Uncharted game series) fashions an exciting musical soundscape, propelling Drake throughout his search for the fabled 'Atlantis of the Sands. ' This thrilling game score is a dynamic stand-alone listen. This is a limited edition of 3000 units.

HOWARD SHORE - hugo (2011)

Product Details
Audio CD (November 22, 2011)
Number of Discs: 1

Through the years, Academy Award winner Martin Scorsese has transported us to extraordinary places. This holiday season, he will take audiences to a magical time and place as only he can - in his first ever 3D film, based on Brian Selznick's award winning and imaginative New York Times bestseller, ''The Invention of Hugo Cabret.'' Hugo tells the story of an inventive boy with the ability to change people for the better. But in order to change himself and find a place he calls home, he must first solve a decades-old mystery. Hugo, Scorsese's first film shot in 3D, also marks his 5th collaboration with Academy Award-winning composer Howard Shore, whose sweeping score captures the sounds of 1930s Paris and is as multi-dimensional as the picture.

DANNY ELFMAN - real steel (2011) cd

Product Details
Audio CD (November 1, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Varese Sarabande

CRAIG ARMSTRONG - in time (2011)

01. In Time Main Theme
02. Lost Century
03. Dawn in Dayton
04. The Cost Of Living
05. Mother Times Out
06. Zones of Time
07. Welcome to New Greenwich
08. Waking Up in Time
09. An Hour Ahead
10. Ocean
11. Abduction
12. Whatever We Have To
13. Mother’s Dress
14. Clock Watching
15. Sylvia Shoots
16. Backseat Love
17. Giving It Away
18. Rooftop Chase
19. You Saved My Life
20. Surrender
21. To Be Immortal
22. Leaving the Zone
23. In Time Choral Theme
24. There’s Still Time
25. In Time Main Theme (Orchestral)

CHRISTOPHER YOUNG - The Rum Diary (2011)

Product Details
Audio CD (November 29, 2011)
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Lakehouse

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CHRISTOPHE BECK - Tower Heist (2011, cd)

Comedy-known Hollywood composer Christophe Beck, whose credits include (among others) The Hangover, Crazy, Stupid, Love, now launches TOWER HEIST. Some info on the release below: 

Tower Heist
SKU: VSD-7121
UPC: 030206712124
Artist: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Title: Tower Heist
Composer: Christophe Beck
Release Date: 11/01/11
Release Info: Now available for pre-orders. CDs will ship on or after 11/01/11 

Varese Sarabande Catalog # 302 067 121 2

Track List:

1. Theme From Tower Heist (3:30)
2. Code Black (2:52)
3. Shawfrontation (2:07)
4. The Germ (1:55)
5. Lester’s Loss (:58)
6. My Little Bitch (1:28)
7. Macy’s Day (2:45)
8. The Marshall Swindle (1:09)
9. Right at Rikers (:44)
10. Fifty Dollar Thrift Lift (1:55)
11. The Charlie Deception (:55)
12. We Go On Snoopy (3:00)
13. Courthouse Con (1:50)
14. Grand Theft Auto (3:22)
15. Gonna Call Ralph (1:06)
16. Strong Box Situation (:58)
17. Shaft Fail (:48)
18. Odessa’s Cake (1:39)
19. Arrested (:53)
20. Shawstafari (2:42)
21. Gold Rush (2:09)
22. End Titles (1:29) 

Varese info on movie:

Ben Stiller and Eddie Murphy lead an all-star cast in TOWER HEIST, a comedy caper about working stiffs who seek revenge on the Wall Street swindler who stiffed them.  After the workers at a luxury Central Park condominium discover the penthouse billionaire has stolen their retirement, they plot the ultimate revenge: a heist to reclaim what he took from them.

Queens native Josh Kovacs (Stiller) has managed one of the most luxurious and well-secured residences in New York City for more than a decade.  Under his watchful eye, nothing goes undetected.  In the swankiest unit atop Josh’s building, Wall Street titan Arthur Shaw (Alan Alda) is under house arrest after being caught stealing two billion from his investors.  The hardest hit among those he defrauded?  The tower staffers whose pensions he was entrusted to manage.

With only days before Arthur gets away with the perfect crime, Josh’s crew turns to petty crook Slide (Murphy) to plan the nearly impossible…to steal what they are sure is hidden in Arthur’s guarded condo.  Though amateurs, these rookie thieves know the building better than anyone.  Turns out they’ve been casing the place for years, they just didn’t know it.

Universal opens TOWER HEIST nationwide on November 4.




(LOS ANGELES, CA) Award-winning composer Alexandre Desplat scores Columbia Picture’s political thriller Ides of March, directed by George Clooney. The film marks the third time Desplat has scored a Clooney project, and the first time he has scored a Clooney directed film. Desplat’s other Clooney projects, Syriana and Fantastic Mr. Fox, earned the composer Golden Globe and Oscar® nominations. Desplat is fresh off scoring the summer blockbuster, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows: Part II and scales things back a bit in Ides of March, taking a darker tone for his insightful and revelatory look at the world of politics. Ides of March opens October 7th. Score album available on Varese Sarabande November 1st.

Ides of March is based on the Beau Willimon’s political thriller play “Farragut North.” During the frantic days before a heavily contested Ohio presidential primary, an up-and-coming campaign press secretary (Ryan Gosling) finds himself involved in a political scandal that threatens to upend his candidate’s shot at the presidency. Clooney also stars as the anointed candidate, and the supporting cast features Paul Giamatti, Phillip Seymour Hoffman, Marisa Tomei, Jeffrey Wright, and Evan Rachel Wood.

Alexandre Desplat adds Clooney to an impressive roster of director collaborations which includes Roman Polanski (Ghost Writer), Terrence Malick (The Tree of Life), Stephen Frears (The Queen, Tamara Drewe), Jacques Audiard (The Prophet, The Beat that My Heart Skipped), David Yates (Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Parts I and II), David Fincher (The Curious Case of Benjamin Button), Nora Ephron (Julie & Julia), and Ang Lee (Lust, Caution).

Having scored over 60 films in his native France, Alexandre Desplat made his Hollywood breakthrough in 2003 with his stately score for Girl with a Pearl Earring, which garnered him a Golden Globe nomination. In 2011, his score for The King’s Speech won a BAFTA and received Oscar®, Golden Globe and Critics Choice nominations. Next up for Desplat is The Spider’s House which marks his second collaboration with director Peter Webber.

In addition to his film work, Alexandre Desplat has conducted the London Symphony Orchestra, the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra, The Czech Philharmonic, and he has given master classes at La Sorbonne in Paris and London’s Royal College of Music.

TRENT REZNOR AND ATTICUS ROSS - Girl with the dragon tattoo

Listen To Some Of Trent Reznor & Atticus Ross ‘ ‘The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo’ Score

The David Fincher-directed remake of the very well-known Trilogy by Niels Arden Oplev, gets a score by his collaborators, Reznor and Ross with whom he worked recently on The Social Network.  

You can listen to some extensive samples from the upcoming score at:

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ILAN ESHKERI - Johnny English Reborn (audio cd, 2011)

Audio CD (October 24, 2011)
Original Release Date: 2011
Number of Discs: 1
Format: Soundtrack
Label: Varese Sarabande

ILAN ESHKERI provides the score to the 2nd Johnny English movie: JOHNNY ENGLISH REBORN (on CD, 2011), first movie was scored by Edward Shearmur.

A Symphony Of Hope: The Haiti Project released on CD

As we reported earlier in this topic here, Symphony of Hope is a multi-collaborative work composed by some of Hollywood's most prolific composers, currently. It's started being recorded on March 26, 2011 at the Warner Brothers Eastwood Scoring Stage, in Burbank, CA, including the fundraising melodies of the following composers:

Nathan Barr, Tyler Bates, Jeff Beal, Christophe Beck, Bruce Broughton, George S. Clinton, Elia Cmiral, Don Davis, John Debney, Randy Edelman, Andrew Gross, Dave Grusin, Marvin Hamlisch, David Kitay, Christopher Lennertz, Deborah Lurie, Lisbeth Scott, Pete Seibert, Theodore Shapiro, Ed Shearmur, John Swihart, Brian Tyler, Michael Wandmacher, Timothy Michael Wynn, and Christopher Young
Now, it's been released on Audio CD (October 4, 2011) by the Label: Nettwerk and contains 8 cues among which 6 original compositions (movements) and 2 Haitian folk songs. 

Here's what says about it in the editorial reviews:

"Symphony of Hope" is a musical fundraising project which was originally designed to help the people of Haiti in their desperate time of need. A year after the terrible earthquake which has destroyed the lives of thousands of Haitians, the need for assistance is even greater than ever.

"Symphony of Hope" is a collaboration by 25 of today's leading Oscar(r), Tony(r), Grammy(r) and Emmy(r) winning composers to benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief. The "Symphony of Hope" begins with an original Haitian melody, then each composer contributes an additional 8-32 bars of music to the piece and then passes it along to the next composer. This is symbolic in the way that one lending hand passes on to another lending hand and so on and eventually a beautiful outcome is achieved.

The orchestral piece was recorded this spring on the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers Pictures, with everyone donating their time - the composers, orchestrators, copyists, musicians, scoring stage technicians, etc. Recording of additional pieces happened in Los Angeles following these sessions to provide additional music inspired by the people of Haiti.

The entire process was filmed in high definition by award winning filmmaker Brian Weidling and plans for a film documenting the making of the piece as well as a live benefit concert for the world premiere are also underway. All proceeds from the sale of the album and any related material

For more info visit's page here:

PAWEL BLASZCZAK - Dead Island (VG score, 2011, iTunes)

New game score by composer Pawel Blaszczak, whose credits also include Call of Juarez, Crime Cities, Chrome and Xpand Rally and the Adam Skorupa co-composed The Witcher game. He also co-composed with Adam Skorupa music for short awards winning animated movie "The Ark" produced by Marcin Kobylecki and directed by Grzegorz Jonkajtys.

More info about the artist at his myspace page here:

And about the score to DEAD ISLAND, on iTunes here:

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

2 hours of new BEAR McCREARY music: THE CAPE (2CD)

Composed by: Bear McCreary

Presenting the original soundtrack to the NBC Universal superhero television series THE CAPE, starring David Lyons, Keith David and Summer Glau. Acclaimed composer Bear McCreary (BATTLESTAR GALACTICA, HUMAN TARGET, THE WALKING DEAD, TERMINATOR: THE SARAH CONNOR CHRONICLES) creates a robust, thrilling orchestral score in the grand tradition of the late, great Shirley Walker’s superhero music (McCreary has sited Walker as a major influence on this score and has dedicated this album to her). Produced by Bear McCreary and mastered by Patricia Sullivan at Bernie Grundman Mastering, this 2-CD release, packed with exciting themes, also features a 16 page CD booklet with comments from McCreary and the show’s creator, Tim Wheeler. This is a limited edition of 2000 units.


1. THE CAPE Main Title (0:49)
2. A New Day Ahead from “Pilot” (3:02)
3. The Death of Vince Faraday from “Pilot” (4:18)
4. The Carnival of Crime from “Pilot” (4:10)
5. The Greatest Circus Act That Ever Lived from “Pilot” (6:32)
6. The Faraday Family from “Pilot” (2:00)
7. Confronting Chess from “Pilot” (6:16)
8. Gregor Molotov from “Kozmo” (2:59)
9. Asylum Fight from “The Lich, Part 2” (1:00)
10. Orwell’s Dream from “The Lich, Part 2” (2:16)
11. Waltz for Raia from “Kozmo” (1:59)
12. Rube Goldberg Death Machine from “Dice” (3:19)
13. Scales in the Cage from “Scales on a Train” (1:53)
14. Cain from “Tarot” (2:52)
15. Scales from “Pilot” (1:49)
16. Unnatural Things from “Kozmo” (7:04)
17. Young Tracy from “Dice” (2:59)
18. Kitchen Battle from “Tarot” (4:46)
19. Casino Attack from “Dice” (2:27)
20. Justice Takes Time from “Kozmo” (3:42)
21. The Lich from “The Lich, Part 2” (3:30)
22. The Telepath Strikes from “Dice” (4:13)
23. Gregor the Great’s Carnival of Fear from “Kozmo” (5:56)

Total Time Disc 1: 79:51


1. Let’s Just Pretend
From “The Lich, Part 2” (4:25)
Music and Lyrics by Brendan McCreary
Produced by Brendan McCreary and Bear McCreary Performed by Young Beautiful in a Hurry
2. Sewing the Mask from “Tarot” (4:39)
3. Runaway Train from “Scales on a Train” (3:15)
4. Ghosts of Palm City from “The Lich, Part 1” (5:44)
5. Highwire Training from “Dice” (2:59)
6. Faradays are Fighters from “Tarot” (3:40)
7. Concerto for Tuba and Goggles from “Goggles and Hicks” (3:15)
8. Attack of the Bumblebee from “Goggles and Hicks” (2:15)
9. Opposite Sides from “Scales on a Train”
10. Two Weddings from “The Lich, Part 2” (4:12)
11. Brazil Nuts from “Scales on a Train” (4:47)
12. Kozmo from “Kozmo” (2:41)
13. Orwell’s Recovery from “The Lich, Part 2” (1:48)
14. Scales Goes Rogues from “Scales on a Train” (4:55)
15. Rescuing Orwell from “The Lich, Part 2” (3:21)
16. The Cape Keeps Watch from “Tarot” (0:48)

17. Jerry from “Goggles and Hicks” (1:44)
18. Outsmarting the Assassins from “Goggles and Hicks” (1:34)
19. Trolley Park Amusements from “Tarot” and “Scales on a Train” (2:27)
20. Palm Reading from “Dice” and “Kozmo” (2:27)
21. Portrait in Courage from “Tarot” (1:53)
22. The Dead Will Rise from “The Lich, Part 1” (6:21)
23. Out the Window from “Tarot” (2:36)
24. No Journey Too Far from “Scales on a Train” (2:05)
25. ARK Corporation Theme Song from “Pilot” (1:07)
26. Homeless Blues from “Kozmo” (1:11)

Total Time Disc 2: 78:17

Monday, September 26, 2011

LISA GERRARD - Oranges & Sunshine (2011, mp3)

Product Details

    Original Release Date: January 1, 2011
    Label: Gerrard Records
    Copyright: (c) 2011 Gerrard Records
    Total Length: 45:37

ASHE AND SPENCER - Machine gun preacher (2011, cd)

Product Details

    Audio CD (September 27, 2011)
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Relativity Music Group

Track Listings
1. The Keeper (Chris Cornell)
2. Opening Title
3. Sam's Redemption
4. Bus Ride North
5. You Can't Help Them All
6. Sam Sees
7. Rebuilding
8. Have You Seen My Brother
9. Playground
10. Garang and Sam
11. Child Sniper
12. We're Too Late
13. Donnie's Theme
14. Battle with LRA
15. We're Staying
16. The Keeper (Film Version - Bonus Track)

Editorial Reviews
Machine Gun Preacher: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack features a brand new original composition, "The Keeper," by Chris Cornell (Soundgarden, Audioslave) along with 15 score cues composed by Asche & Spencer (Monster's Ball) and was recorded by the Slovak National Symphony Orchestra at Asche & Spencer's studios in Venice, CA and Minneapolis, MN. Vladimir Martinka conducted the session, was was orchestrated by Sean McManon & David Shephard.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DOMINIK SCHERRER - Primeval (2011, cd)

 MovieScore Media is excited to announce our action-packed CD release of Dominik Scherrer's stirring orchestral music from the popular dinosaur adventure series Primeval. Our album features over 75 minutes of original music from the first three seasons of the show, which has aired in over 30 different countries and had over six million viewers in UK alone during its first year.

Dominik Scherrer (Miss Marple, Scenes of a Sexual Nature) has composed a truly exciting theme for the series, and the underscoring is filled with orchestral excitiment often with a sort of urban drive, intriguing suspense writing and big action set-pieces. The series, which stars Douglas Henshall, Jason Flemyng, Andrew Lee-Potts, Lucy Brown and Hannah Spearritt, was nominated for a Satellite Award for Best Television Series (drama) in 2008 and by BAFTA for its Visual Effects in 2009.

MMS11016 PRIMEVAL (Original Television Soundtrack)
Music Composed by DOMINIK SCHERRER
Release date: September 20

Monday, September 19, 2011



Los Angeles, CA - September 19, 2011 - Following his critically acclaimed music for Assassin's Creed, Assassin's Creed II and Assassin's Creed Brotherhood, British Academy award-winning composer Jesper Kyd has written and produced the original score for Assassin's Creed® Revelations, the fourth installment in Ubisoft's immensely popular video game franchise, alongside music composed by Lorne Balfe. To reflect the story's multicultural setting of 16th Century Constantinople, Jesper Kyd has crafted a rich and evocative hybrid music score drawing on Greek, Renaissance and Middle-Eastern instrumentation, while combining his emotional melodic writing and acoustic/electronic styles associated with the series.  Assassin's Creed Revelations will be available on November 15, 2011 for Xbox 360®, PLAYSTATION®3 and PC.

In Assassin's Creed Revelations, master assassin Ezio Auditore walks in the footsteps of the legendary mentor Altaïr, on a journey of discovery and revelation. It is a perilous path - one that will take Ezio to Constantinople, the heart of the Ottoman Empire, where a growing army of Templars threatens to destabilize the region.

Expanding upon his signature music styles for the Assassin's Creed series, composer Jesper Kyd immerses players in Revelations with a vibrant and exotic action-driven score that employs Greek and other ethnic musical influences to reflect the cultural diversity of Constantinople. The soundtrack is planned for release with the game.

Jesper Kyd's previous scores for the Assassin's Creed franchise have received top honors for Best Original Music including the Gold Spirit Awards, Hollywood Music In Media Awards, Readers' Choice, Editors' Choice, Game Audio Network Guild Awards as well as nominations from the British Academy of Film and Television Arts, Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences, International Film Music Critics Association,, G4 TV and Spike TV VGAs for Best Original Soundtrack.

Developed and led by Ubisoft Montreal with the support and expertise of Ubisoft studios Annecy, Massive Entertainment, Quebec, Singapore and Bucharest, Assassin's Creed Revelations presents the most immersive experience available in the series to date and the culmination of Ezio's adventure. For more information on Assassin's Creed, visit:

About Jesper Kyd

Award-winning Danish composer Jesper Kyd has created some of the most memorable soundtracks in genre entertainment. Internationally renowned for composing the unique, signature music soundtracks for multi-million selling franchises ASSASSIN'S CREED and HITMAN, Kyd's compelling and distinctive scores feature a diverse array of orchestra, choir, acoustic manipulations and electronic soundscapes, immersing audiences with emotional depth often described by critics as 'rousing,' 'surreal' and 'beautiful.'  In film and television Kyd has composed for a wide variety of projects and different styles including the upcoming live action TV series HEAVY METAL aka Métal Hurlant (United Humanoids) based on the French graphic novels by legendary comic book artist Jean "Moebius" Giraud; THE RESISTANCE action sci-fi series (SyFy) produced by Sam Raimi's Ghost House Pictures and Starz Media; STAUNTON HILL (Anchor Bay Entertainment), the full-length horror / thriller directed by Cameron Romero, son of George A. Romero (Night of the Living Dead); and A PERFECT SOLDIER, the powerful real-life drama documenting the story of Aki Ra - a former child soldier trained by the Communist regime Khmer Rouge in Cambodia who dedicates his life to humanitarian efforts and removing the landmines that still inflict his country. Kyd is currently scoring the upcoming HEAVY METAL TV series and Cameron Romero's next film, RADICAL. He resides in Burbank, California and is represented by The Gorfaine-Schwartz Agency. For more information visit: or

Sunday, September 18, 2011

VARIOUS FILM COMPOSERS - A Symphony Of Hope: The Haiti Project (2011, cd)

CD-R Note: This product is manufactured on demand when ordered from

Track Listings
1. Wongolo (Movement I)
2. Devastation (Movement II)
3. The Aftermath (Movement III)
4. Rebuilding (Movement IV)
5. Hope (Movement V)
6. ?Reflections?
7. ?Yo-Yo? (Haitian Folk Song)
8. ?Yellow Bird? (Haitian Folk Song)
Editorial Reviews

"Symphony of Hope" is a musical fundraising project which was originally designed to help the people of Haiti in their desperate time of need. A year after the terrible earthquake which has destroyed the lives of thousands of Haitians, the need for assistance is even greater than ever.

"Symphony of Hope" is a collaboration by 25 of today's leading Oscar(r), Tony(r), Grammy(r) and Emmy(r) winning composers to benefit Haiti Earthquake Relief. The "Symphony of Hope" begins with an original Haitian melody, then each composer contributes an additional 8-32 bars of music to the piece and then passes it along to the next composer. This is symbolic in the way that one lending hand passes on to another lending hand and so on and eventually a beautiful outcome is achieved.

The orchestral piece was recorded this spring on the Eastwood Scoring Stage at Warner Brothers Pictures, with everyone donating their time - the composers, orchestrators, copyists, musicians, scoring stage technicians, etc. Recording of additional pieces happened in Los Angeles following these sessions to provide additional music inspired by the people of Haiti.

The entire process was filmed in high definition by award winning filmmaker Brian Weidling and plans for a film documenting the making of the piece as well as a live benefit concert for the world premiere are also underway. All proceeds from the sale of the album and any related material
More at the title's link

Saturday, September 17, 2011


BuySoundtrax Records is proud to announce the release of The Music of Battlestar Galactica For Solo Piano a two-disc set featuring newly recorded piano performances by Joohyun Park of Bear McCreary’s groundbreaking score from the award-winning series on the SyFy channel from 2004-2009. All of the arrangements were done by McCreary and were featured in the Battlestar Galactica Songbook, released by Hal Leonard in 2011. The album features appearances by soprano Melanie Henley Heyn and McCreary himself, who performs “Kara Remembers” which was conceived as a track to be played by four hands, with Park. The package features liner notes by Randall Larson and unique artwork by frequent Battlestar Galactica vocalist Raya Yarbrough.

Variety called composer Bear McCreary’s score for Battlestar Galactica – the award-winning series on the SyFy channel from 2004-2009 – “the most innovative music on TV today,” and NPR said it “fits the action so perfectly, it’s almost devastating: (it’s) a sci-fi score like no other.”

The music from Battlestar Galactica has a rabid following. No fewer than six soundtrack albums have been released to date, all selling well and enthusiastically praised by critics. There have also been several live concerts featuring the music. In 2008, more than 1,000 fans attended two sold-out shows at The Roxy Theatre in Los Angeles, with some fans flying in from as far as England and Australia. The following year, the Battlestar Galactica Orchestra performed three sold-out shows at the House of Blues in San Diego during Comic Con. In 2010, McCreary conducted the world premiere performance of the Battlestar Galactica Symphony, as part of the renowned Fimucite Film Music Festival in Tenerife, Spain. In 2011, McCreary again treated Spanish fans to the music as part of the Festival Internacional de Música de Cine in Ubeda. A ballet based on McCreary’s scores for the series premiered in 2009, performed by the dancers of the Theaterhagen in Hagen, Germany.

Disc 1
01. Roslin and Adama (3:08)
02. Wander My Friends (4:50)
03. Passacaglia (4:55)
04. The Shape of Things to Come (2:47)
05. Dreilide Thrace Sonata #1 (5:14)
06. Elegy (3:44)
07. Battlestar Sonatica (5:10)
08. A Promise to Return (3:46)
09. Allegro (4:20)
10. Pegasus (3:24)
11. Battlestar Muzaktica (3:20)
12. Prelude To War (8:02)

Total Time, CD #1: 53:05

Disc 2
1. Battlestar Operatica (3:02)
Soloist: Melanie Henley Heyn
2. Worthy of Survival (3:59)
3. Something Dark Is Coming (6:19)
4. Violence and Variations (7:46)
5. Resurrection Hub (3:09)
6. Kara Remembers (4:15)
Piano duet: Bear McCreary and Joohyun Park
7. Apocalypse (7:14)

8. Wander My Friends (simplified) (4:53)
9. Roslin and Adama (simplified) (3:04)

Total Time, CD #2: 44:03

THOMAS NEWMAN - the debt (2011, cd)

1. The Wrong Man
2. Ghost Station
3. Airplane Open
4. How To Die (Main Title)
5. Berlin Checkpoint
6. Silver Locket
7. The Surgeon Of Birkenau
8. Shaving Roaches
9. An Unscheduled Stop
10. Safe House
11. Air
12. We'd Be Free
13. One More Parcel
14. Newspaper Raid
15. Elsa Roget
16. Unfinished Business
17. Vising Hours
18. The Full Injection
19. The Debt (End Title)

CHRISTIAN HENSON - the devil's double (cd, 2011)

Sound clips and more at the title's link

Product Details

    Audio CD (August 16, 2011)
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Lakeshore Records
    ASIN: B0056NYEAI

Thursday, September 15, 2011

MARK ISHAM - dolphin tale (2011, cd)

Dolphin Tale [Soundtrack]
Mark Isham (Composer) | Format: Audio CD 

Product Details

    Audio CD (October 11, 2011)
    Original Release Date: 2011
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Varese Sarabande

More info as it becomes available.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

CLIFF MARTINEZ - contagion (2011, mp3)

Product Details

    Audio CD (September 13, 2011)
    Label: Watertower Music
    ASIN: B005LPVTR2
    In-Print Editions: MP3 Download

LARRY GROUPE - straw dogs (2011, mp3)

Product Details

    Label: Madison Gate Records
    Total Length: 52:06

For more info and sound clips, click on the title.

JEFF BEAL - after (2011, mp3)

Product Details

    Original Release Date: September 1, 2011
    Label: Off The Grid Music
    Total Length: 52:19

More info at the link (click on the title of the post)

PANU AALTIO - Hella W (2011, mp3)

New work by the composer of the brilliant "Home of the dark butterflies", released by MovieScore Media. 

Product details

    Original Release Date: 26 Sep 2011
    Label: Ratas Music
    Copyright: (P) 2011 Ratas Music Group Oy / Snapper Films
    Total Length: 45:56

For info and sound clips click on the title of this post.

JEFF DANNA - moneyball (2011, cd)

Product Details

    Audio CD (September 20, 2011)


Product Details

    Audio CD (October 4, 2011)
    Original Release Date: 2011
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Interscope Records

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

HOWARD SHORE - a dangerous method (2011, mp3)   

Original Release Date: 16 Sep 2011
    Label: Sony Classical
    Copyright: (P) 2011 Howe Records LLC, under exclusive licence to Sony Music Entertainment
    Total Length: 1:04:57  
Format - Music: MP3
    Compatible with MP3 Players (including with iPod®), iTunes, Windows Media Player
Product details


MARCO BELTRAMI - the thing (2011, cd)

Product Details

    Audio CD (October 11, 2011)
    Original Release Date: 2011
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Varese Sarabande

JOHN DEBNEY - dream house (2011, cd)

Product Details

    Audio CD (September 27, 2011)
    Original Release Date: 2011
    Number of Discs: 1
    Format: Soundtrack
    Label: Varese Sarabande

Saturday, August 20, 2011

ALBERTO IGLESIAS's score for Almadovar’s THE SKIN I LIVE IN (2011, digital CD)

Product details
Original Release Date: 15 Aug 2011
Label: Quartet Records
Copyright: 2011 Quartet Records
Total Length: 1:13:10
Genres: Classical, Soundtracks

This is the soundtrack of the new collaboration between the Academy Award winning Spanish director Pedro Almodóvar and the composer Alberto Iglesias (two-times Academy Award nominee for The Constant Gardener and The Kite Runner.)
After the success achieved in its seven previous collaborations (including Volver, Talk to Her, All About My Mother, Bad Education and Broken Embraces.) Alberto Iglesias has created for this film his absolute masterpiece for the Almodóvar cinema. A passionate, lyrical and emotional journey through the darker side of human beings.

Performed by The London Session Orchestra, the album includes the complete Iglesias score and various songs by Concha Buika, Trentmöller and Chris Garneau, which form an important part in the film’s storyline.

“There is a surging Hitchcockian orchestral score and a breathless sense of imminent violence.”
-The Guardian UK

“Alberto Iglesias' arresting score, marked by cacophonous violins and frenzied, weblike repetitions, musically conjures the spider-and-fly metaphor”

 Buy the score or listen to the clips here: and here:

Friday, August 19, 2011

THOMAS NEWMAN - the help (2011) cd

Here’s the album track list:

1. Aibilene (3:07)
2. Them Fools (2:50)
3. Upside-Down Cake (1:23)
4. Mississippi (3:49)
5. Heart Palpitations (1:44)
6. The Help (2:18)
7. Jim Crow (1:46)
8. Skeeter (1:03)
9. Miss Hilly (1:14)
10. Write That Down (1:37)
11. Bottom Of The List (3:23)
12. Deviled Eggs (2:03)
13. First White Baby (2:00)
14. Celia Digs (2:06)
15. November 22 (1:12)
16. Not To Die (1:28)
17. My Son (2:50)
18. Trash On The Road (1:37)
19. The Terrible Awful (2:57)
20. Constantine (4:09)
21. Gripping Testimonials (1:32)
22. Sugar (1:50)
23. Amen (3:06)
24. Mile High Meringue (2:00)
25. Ain’t You Tired (End Title) (6:29)

HOWARD SHORE scores Martin Scorsese’s upcoming drama Hugo

The credits on the official movie website of Martin Scorsese’s upcoming drama Hugo reveal that a soundtrack album for the movie will be released on Howard Shore‘s own label Howe Records. 

World Soundtrack Awards Announces 2011 Nominees

Ghent - The World Soundtrack Academy has announced the list of its nominees for the 2011
Awards to be presented in three categories: Film Composer of the Year, Best Original Score of
the Year and Best Original Song Written Directly for a Film. The names of the winners will be
announced at the World Soundtrack Awards & concert on Saturday, October 22, the closing
night of the Ghent International Film Festival.

The nominees of the World Soundtrack Awards 2011:

Film Composer of the Year

Award can be presented in respect of one film or in respect of a body of work in the year

Alexandre DESPLAT A Better Life, Tamara Drewe, The Burma Conspiracy, The King’s Speech,
The Tree of Life, The Well Digger’s Daughter, Harry Potter and the Deathly




Patrick DOYLE

Best Original Film Score of the Year

INCEPTION by Hans Zimmer
THE KING’S SPEECH by Alexandre Desplat
THE SOCIAL NETWORK by Trent Reznor and Atticus Ross
BLACK SWAN by Clint Mansell
TRUE GRIT by Carter Burwell

Best Original Song written directly for a Film

from “Toy Story 3”
music & lyrics by Randy Newman
performed by Randy Newman

from “Burlesque”
music and lyrics by Diane Warren
performed by Cher

Inception, How Do You Know, Megamind, Pirates of the Caribbean: On
Stranger Tides, The Dilemma, Rango, Kung Fu Panda 2

Black Swan, Faster, Last Night

Mars Needs Moms, Rio, Kung Fu Panda 2

La Ligne Droite, Thor, Jig

from “Country Strong”
music & lyrics by Bob DiPiero, Tom Douglas, Hillary Lindsey and Troy Verges
performed by Gwyneth Paltrow

from “Tangled”
music by Alan Menken
lyrics by Glenn Slater
performed by Mandy Moore and Zachary Levi

from “127 Hours”
music by A.R. Rahman
lyrics by Dido (Dido Armstrong) and Rollo Armstrong
performed by Dido & A.R. Rahman

On Saturday, October 22nd at 8:00p.m., Oscar winners Elliot Goldenthal, Howard Shore, and Hans Zimmer will be the distinguished guests at the closing ceremony of the 38th Ghent Film Festival at the Kuipke in Ghent. Following the annual presentation of the prestigious film music awards, the Brussels Philharmonic – the Orchestra of Flanders - will perform a singular selection from the three great masters’ extensive oeuvres conducted by Dirk Brossé. In keeping with tradition, the winner of last year’s World Soundtrack Discovery Award will take the stage during the awards ceremony. Abel Korzeniowski will perform his award-winning music from A Single Man, which also earned him the Public Choice Award in 2010. As always, the live music will be accompanied by striking film footage. The concert is being dedicated in memory of Ronni Chasen, longtime representative and friend of the film festival.

The World Soundtrack Academy was founded in 2001 by the Ghent International Film Festival to celebrate the role of music in film and honor film composers. The WSA Academy now has over 300 international members comprised of composers, film professionals, record label executives and other representatives of the film music business.

At the end of August, the Academy Board will announce the 5 nominees for the category ‘Discovery of the Year 2011’. In addition to the Awards presented by the Academy, film music fans around the world can vote for the best soundtrack of the year (see

Belgian press contact: Tom Heirbaut at +32 9 242 80 79 or via e-mail at

Jeff Sanderson/Chasen & Company

World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award for disco pioneer Giorgio Moroder

The 11th World Soundtrack Awards, which will be held at the Kuipke Events Centre in Ghent on 22 October,welcome a new star in their line-up: none other than three-time Oscar winner and “father of disco” Giorgio Moroder (Midnight Express, Flashdance, Scarface). During the awards ceremony, he will be conferred a Lifetime Achievement Award for his exceptional career in film music. A selection from his work will be performed live by the Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Dirk Brossé.

Artistic Director Patrick Duynslaegher explains why Giorgio Moroder was chosen for this award: “The Ghent
Film Festival is very proud to welcome living legend Giorgio Moroder to the World Soundtrack Awards, where he will be presented with the World Soundtrack Lifetime Achievement Award. Giorgio Moroder instantly reminds us of Donna Summer’s many disco hits. Her orgiastic panting hit I FEEL LOVE is the ultimate symbol of the hedonistic fun of the 70s and 80s. More than 30 years ago, Moroder revolutionised electronic dance music, and to this day, he is anything but forgotten: as the creator of synth-pop disco, he continues to be a great example for many young dance producers and electro musicians. Internationally, he inspired major performers like Madonna and electro wizard Jeff Mills. In his home country his name is also synonymous with the new disco scene.

Naturally, the Ghent Film Festival wants to honour Giorgio Moroder primarily for his film music. He introduced his unusual, recognisable sound with his first score, for Alan Parker’s Midnight Express (1978), with thrilling beats loudly echoing throughout the film like a human heartbeat. After his score for Foxes (which included the Donna Summer hit ON THE RADIO), Moroder achieved cult status with two scores for Paul Schrader films: American Gigolo (1980), which included the Blondie song CALL ME, and Cat People (1982), for which David Bowie sang the title song, a performance sure to set your teeth on edge. Moroder achieved his greatest commercial success in 1983 with Flashdance (two no. 1 singles and a soundtrack that sold more than ten million copies). Another major success in the film music career of the inventor of euro disco is the baroque score for Brian De Palma’s masterpiece, the epic crime drama Scarface (1983).

And of course there is Moroder’s most audacious contribution to film music history: the new soundtrack he created in 1984 for Fritz Lang’s monumental classic Metropolis. Moroder brought the crushing images of this silent film from 1927 back to life with a rock-new wave soundtrack brimming with songs by pop stars Pat Benatar, Freddie Mercury and Bonnie Tyler. Moreover, he dipped every scene into a sensational coloured hue, added all sorts of visual effects and increased the speed of the image sequences of the original edit. Some purists cried blue murder, but Moroder’s electronic lifting transformed a piece destined to be forgotten on a museum display into a new film experience and a prophetic announcement of an entire new culture of zapping, mixing and sampling.”

The World Soundtrack Awards & concert will be held on Saturday 22 October 2011 at 8 p.m. at the Kuipke Events Centre in Ghent. The programme includes music by Moroder, Hans Zimmer (Inception), Howard Shore (The Lord of the Rings), Elliot Goldenthal (Alien 3) and Abel Korzeniowski (A Single Man). The concert will be performed by the Brussels Philharmonic, conducted by Dirk Brossé, and will, as always, be accompanied by film scenes projected on a large screen.

Tickets to the World Soundtrack Awards & concert cost €27, €37 or €47 and can be purchased on, in all Fnac stores and on (tel: (+32) 0900 00 600).

For more information go to: or contact Tom Heirbaut - Tel.: (+32) (0) 9 242 80 79 – E-mail:

Jeff Sanderson/Chasen & Company

Thursday, August 4, 2011

MARK ISHAM - Warrior (2011, cd)

Mark Isham's latest score release, "WARRIOR" comes out Lakeshore Records on August 29, 2011. 

Here's the tracklisting from the's album (cd) page: 

1. Listen to the Beethoven (Mark Isham)
2. Paddy & Tommy (Mark Isham)
3. Sparta - Night One (Mark Isham)
4. I Can t Watch You Fight (Mark Isham)
5. Koba (Mark Isham)
6. Hero (Mark Isham)
7. Brendan & Tess (Mark Isham)
8. The Devil You Know (Mark Isham)
9. Stop the Ship (Relapse) (Mark Isham)
10. Warrior (Mark Isham)
11. Brendan & Tommy (Mark Isham)
12. About Today (The National)