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Ray Costa's p.r. about 'TEMPLE GRANDIN'

(Hollywood, CA) –Film composer Alex Wurman is nominated for a Creative Arts Emmy for Outstanding Music Composition for A Miniseries, Movie, Or Special, for the HBO film biopic “Temple Grandin.” Wurman was nominated in 2008 in the same category for the HBO film, “Bernard and Doris.” According to “Temple Grandin” director Mick Jackson, “Wurman’s score for ‘Temple Grandin’ is astonishing and truly original – both cosmic and intimate, full of boundless energy, yet movingly simple. An amazing achievement. This music really finds and gives voice to the true spirit of the movie.” “The film stars Claire Danes as a young woman who persevered while struggling with autism at a time when it was still quite unknown. The film chronicles Temple’s early diagnosis to her emergence as a woman with an innate sensitivity and understanding of animal behavior.

When it came to scoring "Temple Grandin," Wurman took the assignment and the challenges of Autistism very personally, "My nephew is autistic and I’ve learned alot from him and my tireless sister. This film gave me the opportunity create music that conveys the frantic, smart and passionate mindset of Temple Grandin,” said Wurman.

During his career, Wurman has shown himself to be a truly versatile composer with a broad musical palette: the eerie, spare piano melodies of “Confessions of A Dangerous Mind,” the lush 85 piece orchestral chases of “Hollywood Homicide,” avant-heartland score to the Emmy nominated HBO film “Normal,” groovy ‘70’s themes for the outrageous comedy “Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy,” contemporary interpretations of French impressionism for “Thirteen Conversations About One Thing” and soulful melodies combined with ethereal orchestrations for “March of the Penguins,” in which the music gives voice to the characters. His signature style is defined by an emphasis on harmony, rhythm and melody, not sound design.

After studying music at the American Conservatory of Music in Chicago, Alex Wurman moved to Los Angeles to pursue film music scoring. Independent films started coming his way, and soon he was working with directors such as John August, Doug Liman and Ron Shelton. Wurman’s resume reflects the quality and diversity of his talent. Wurman’s next film, “The Switch,” starring Jennifer Aniston and Jason Bateman, will be released nationwide on August 20. He is also scoring the 2011 feature “The Convincer.”

To view the trailer which also has a sample of Alex's score, cut and paste the link HERE.

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KLAUS BADELT - the extra man (2010)

The Extra Man (Original Score) by Klaus Badelt
Digital Album
Immediate download of 34-track album in your choice of 320k mp3, FLAC, or just about any other format you could possibly desire. Also available at the Compact Disc format.

1. Daydream 01:40
2. Brassiere Incident 00:40
3. Fired 01:20
4. 232 E 91st St. 00:54
5. Mary 02:05
6. End of First Day 00:24
7. Wallpaper 02:19
8. Duck Girl 00:40
9. Opera Entrance 00:23
10. Dreaming of Russia 00:45
11. Lagerfeld to Gallery 00:18
12. Kiss 00:54
13. Pissing 00:57
14. Odd Henry Story 00:23
15. Toy Lion 00:35
16. Louis' Car Source 00:38
17. Gershon's Apt Pt.1 00:32
18. Gershon's Apt Pt.2 00:18
19. Gershon's Apt Pt.3 01:31
20. Driving to South Hampton 00:52
21. Russian Tea Room 00:44
22. Russian Tea Room 2 00:41
23. Vivian to Bed 01:22
24. Burglar 00:18
25. Otto Bellman Pt. 1 00:28
26. Otto Bellman Pt. 2 00:33
27. Rejection 00:21
28. Mirror, Mirror 01:14
29. Henry Returns 00:28
30. Vivian's Funeral 00:45
31. Homeless Montage 02:13
32. Louis Promotion 00:32
33. Gershon 00:35
34. Rice 01:20

released 30 July 2010
Music by Klaus Badelt
with Christopher Carmichael

Score produced & mixed by Klaus Badelt at HLC, Paris
Co-Produced by Christopher S. Brooks
Orchestrated by Christopher Carmichael
Orchestra: London Metropolitan Orchestra
Conducted by Andy Brown

Recorded at EMI Abbey Road, London by Jake Jackson
Assistant Engineer: Lewis Jones

Additional Recording at Theme Park, Santa Monica
Mandolin: Mark Anthony Yaeger
Guitars: Andrew Raiher
Bass: Christopher Carmichael
Accordion: Brendan Dwyer
Vibraphones: Raynaldo Frisbiniwitz
Drums: Max Cuzor

Music Preparation by Mark Anthony Yaeger

Executive In Charge Of Music: Robyn Klein
Score Production Manager: Malona P. Voigt and Simone de Leuw
Score Technical Advisor: Mark Anthony Yaeger

Musical Executive Production: Young Gentlemen Pictures, Inc.

Cover photo credit: © Magnolia Pictures

(p) 2010 by Young Gentlemen Pictures, Inc.
© 2010 by KB Publishing

Klaus and Christopher would like to thank: Shari Springer Berman, Bob Pulcini, Anthony Bregman, Stephanie Davis, Agnès Mentre, Jonathan Ames, Stefanie Azpiazu, Vincent Maraval, Julia Berg, John Tempereau, Joel Sill, Hervé Lécoz & HLC Paris, Robin & Isobel Carmichael, Euphonix, M-Audio, Anthony Gallo & Rob Papen.

Bob and Shari would like to thank: Skywalker Sound, Luca Borghese, Linda Cohen, Lou Reed, Ryan Murphy, Antonio Pulcini and Griselda Reynaga.

For Juliette and Lukas.

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Golden Globe Nominated Composer Christopher Young to Premier on Film Music Live


The first interactive site dedicated to film music

Golden Globe nominated composer Christopher Young discusses music scores of The Priest, The Black Tulip, and Drag Me to Hell

(July 23, 2010 – Los Angeles) – Film composers are increasingly receiving the spotlight, and now fans have the opportunity to interact with them live. Film Music Live, the first interactive video site dedicated to the sounds of film, premiers with Christopher Young July 28 at 5:30-6:30 pm PST. Emmy nominated composer (Norma Jean and Marilyn, Last Flight Out) Young received both Golden Globe® and Broadcast Film Critics Association Award nominations for The Shipping News. Young created memorable action scores for two Marvel movies: Spiderman 3 and Ghostrider. His chilling score for The Grudge propelled the film to a mega hit, and his score to Drag Me To Hell has made several film music site listings as Best Score for 2009. These scores are among the nearly 100 films that embody the work of this prolific composer. The video broadcast will stream on the Film Music Live channel from the website Justin.TV. Visit to watch.

Two years ago, Young received BMI’s highest honor, The Richard Kirk Career Achievement Award. In addition to his busy film-composing schedule, Young also teaches aspiring film composers at the University of Southern California (USC), wherewith he bought a house that offers free residency to young composers because he never forgot his own personal trials.

Film Music Live is a new channel on Justin.TV created to give viewers a chance to ask there favorite composers questions about their current and past work. Showcasing bi-weekly, different composers and musicians’ stream live. This live broadcast is open to the public with chats and questions of their choosing.

Users of Justin.TV can broadcast and watch live videos. Registration is free and users can produce and watch unlimitedly without fee. Live video streams and chats are open to anyone who has Internet access, and participation does not require an account.

Film Music Live is produced by Costa Communications – an award winning, full service marketing, public relations and artist management firm. Clients include Christopher Young, John Debney (The Passion of the Christ, Predators, Iron Man 2), Aaron Zigman (Sex and the City 2, Why Did I Get Married), Peter Boyer (The Dream Lives On: Tribute to the Kennedy Brothers, Ellis Island: The Dream of America), Alan Menken (Little Mermaid, Enchanted) and Craig Armstrong (Moulin Rouge).

Friday, July 23, 2010

BRIAN TYLER: the expandables (2010)

The Expendables: Original Motion Picture Soundtrack
Brian Tyler (Artist) | Format: Audio CD

Product Details
Audio CD (August 10, 2010)
Label: Lionsgate

Stay tuned for more.

HANS ZIMMER: new audio interview with the composer of INCEPTION

New audio interview: Composer Hans Zmmer's More Than 100 Movies
July 22, 2010

Listen now at:

July 22, 2010 Hans Zimmer has written the scores for scores of movies, from Rain Man and Thelma & Louise, to The DaVinci Code and The Dark Knight. In 1994, Zimmer won an Academy Award for Best Original Score for the The Lion King. The music for the dream invasion sci-fi thriller Inception is his latest film composition.

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Sound clips and more info:

CD distributed by Screen Archives Entertainment:

Album available for download from iTunes:

Album available for download from MovieScore Media (320kbit mp3):

Acclaimed composer Fernando Velázquez’ score for Edmon Roch’s exciting documentary about “The Man Who Saved the World” – counterspy Joan Pujol, also known as Garbo - is a beautifully engaging chamber jazz score which is built around an infectious main theme.

Velázquez builds his variations around this theme with a small jazz combo and a small chamber orchestra, resulting in a score that is as quirky and unique as the film’s main character himself. The album also features a couple of songs by RiP and also Velazquez’s own song ‘Mars in Ball” with the composer himself on vocals.

Track titles:
1 The Man Who Saved the World 1.34
2 Garbo: The Spy 1.58
3 Spanish Civil War 1.30
4 Don Quijote 0.47
5 Lisbon Lies 1.23
6 Malta Siege 2.31
7 The Nazi Menace 1.15
8 The Illusive Spy 2.02
9 The Early Years: Barcelona 1.35
10 The Net in Motion 3.30
11 My Contribution to Humankind 0.59
12 Garbo's Vivace 1.39
13 Operation Dream 1.44
14 Network of Spies 1.09
15 Assignment: Venezuela 2.00
16 Road to Caracas 1.19
17 Peccatoribus (Non Est Qui Adjuvet) 4.00
18 Nihil Sum 5.55
19 Mars in Ball 2.04
20 End Credits: Garbo's Theme 4.52

MMS10013 • GARBO: THE SPY (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)
Release date: July 13, 2010

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ubeda's FILM MUSIC festival portion to be broadcat live!

FILM MUSIC LIVE, the online online chat room featuring film and tv composers, will broadcast live tomorrow, Wednesday, July 14 at 4:30pm from the Ubeda, Spain International Film Festival. A panel of some of the industry's leading composers is expected to take questions from fans and talk about their work. Scheduled to appear are:

* Oscar-winner Michael Giacchino (UP, Star Trek)
* Vocalist Lisbeth Scott (THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST)

More details are below.


LOS ANGELES (July 13, 2010) – Film music fans unable to travel to the International Film Festival in Ubeda, Spain can chat online with several of the festival’s guest composers on Wednesday, July 14, 2010 at 4:30 pm PT on the new’s Film Music Live channel. An award-winning roster of composers is in attendance this week at one of the world’s most famous film and music festivals. Expected to appear on the live chat are Oscar-winner Michael Giacchino (UP, Star Trek), Christopher Lennertz (ALVIN & THE CHIPMUNKS, CATS & DOGS: THE REVENGE OF KITTY GALORE), Patrick Doyle (HARRY POTTER AND THE GOBLET OF FIRE, SENSE AND SENSIBILITY), Nathan Barr (TRUE BLOOD, THE DUKES OF HAZZARD). Vocalist Lisbeth Scott (THE PASSION OF THE CHRIST) will also participate.

Fans can join the video chatroom and submit questions to the composers by logging on to the free website The composers will talk about their works being showcased at the festival in Ubeda as well as their bodies of work. The video chat will begin at 4:30pm PST (1:30 am Spain time) at

Film Music Live is a new channel on Justin.TV that allows viewers an opportunity to communicate live to leading film composers. Bi-weekly, FML will present composers live and anyone is welcome to join in the chat. Justin.TV was created for users to broadcast and watch live videos. The live video streams and ability to chat are open to anyone who has access to the Internet and participation does not require an account with the site.

Film Music Live is produced by Costa Communications, an award winning full service marketing, public relations and artist management firm. Clients include John Debney, John Ottman (The Usual Suspects, Valkyrie), Bruno Coulais (Coraline, Winged Migration), Aaron Zigman (The Notebook, Sex and the City 2), Alan Menken (Little Mermaid, Enchanted), Craig Armstrong (Moulin Rouge), Christopher Lennertz (Cats & Dogs 2, Alvin & The Chipmunks) and Christopher Young (Grudge, Spider Man 3), Austin Wintory (Captain Abu Read), Atticus Ross (Book of Eli) and more. Other Costa Communications productions include the documentary Hometown Glory.

For more information visit article's author:

New audio interview with HANS ZIMMER about 'Inception'


It’s a composer’s job to unlock the imagination of their directors, translating their flights of fantasy into melody. Few musical dreamweavers have shown as much imaginative dexterity in that regard as Hans Zimmer. Yet even fewer directors have given Zimmer a true match for his talent like Christopher Nolan, whose enigmatic oeuvre consists of such head scratchers as “Memento,” “Insomnia” and “The Prestige,” not to mention two movies featuring The Dark Knight, whose imposing bleakness was abetted by the anti-hero rhythms of Zimmer and James Newton Howard.

If hearing Nolan’s imagination was a tough nut for Zimmer to crack before, then his new film “Inception” takes the filmmaker’s intellectual bent to spectacularly inscrutable heights. It’s a brain-bending, sci-fi tinted mix of “Mission Impossible,” impeccably dressed James Bond action and enough meditations on the nature of humanity and dreams to make Carlos Castaneda scratch his head. Providing a thematic through line to “Inception”‘s multiple, and insanely complicated plains of dream action is an equally surreal, and beautifully thrilling score by Hans Zimmer. He’s given “Inception” an unceasing atmosphere where “Blade Runner” synth vibes swim with adrenalin guitar builds by Smiths’ guitarist Johnny Marr, emotional anguish and booming percussion that drive Nolan’s dreams without end. And in a thoroughly engaging film that’s almost defiant of its sci-fi origins, it’s Zimmer’s music that truly places Nolan’s thought processes in a sonically surreal realm, his dazzling themes the glue on which “Inception”’s complicated story hangs together. For if this director has truly jumped into the rabbit hole here, than Hans Zimmer has gleefully followed with his most deliriously imaginative score yet.

Now on a new episode of “On the Score,” the composer lets us invade his mind to see what ticks behind this unique, and hypnotic score that plays like a waking dream.
Listen to the full audio interview by ON THE SCORE, by following this link HERE.

Brian Tyler - The Expendables - Original Motion Picture Soundtrack


1.The Expendables
3.Ravens and Skulls
4.Lee and Lacy
6.The Gulf of Adem
9.Royal Rumble
10.Scanning the Enemy
11.The Contact
16.Losing His Mind
17.Take Your Money
18.Giant with a Shotgun
19.Time to Leave
20.Mayhem and Finale

total running time: 1.11.49

Label (Catalog): Lionsgate Records
CD Available from, iTunes

Score Composed by Brian Tyler
Conducted by Adam Klemens

Orchestrations by Pakk Hui, Dana Niu
Score Produced by

Contracted by
Music Editors: Kyle Clausen
Arrangements and Programming: Keith Power, Tony Morales, Matthew Margeson
Recorded and Mixed by

More at:

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In the sexy action-comedy KNIGHT AND DAY, Tom Cruise is a covert agent sent on a mission he was never meant to complete, and Cameron Diaz is a woman caught between the agent and those he claims set him up. As their globetrotting adventure erupts into a maze of double-crosses, close escapes and false identities, they come to realize that all they can count on is each other.

Action score specialist John Powell (The Bourne Trilogy) is called to duty for another adrenaline-pumped workout.

Click HERE to listen to SOUND CLIPS from the score.

Friday, July 2, 2010

A small talk with HANS ZIMMER about the music used in the "INCEPTION" trailers and also the movie's main theme.

Christopher Nolan's highly anticipated new movie, "INCEPTION" is scored by composer HANS ZIMMER and has already caused quite a stir with its three official trailers so far.

All three of them have rich audio-visual elements and most prominently the music used in them, all original compositions written specifically for the official trailers.

More precisely and according to the composer himself, the music for the first two Inception trailers was based on motives that are actually to be found in the movie itself; those were composed by Hans Zimmer himself along with Lorne Balfe and Richard King, the team's Sound Designer for the movie.

The music for the third version of the official trailer was composed by a young and upcoming composer called Zack Hemsey who has already attracted quite an attention with this. For the third trailer of INCEPTION, he composed inspired by and "in the style of" those pre-mentioned themes but without actually using them identically.

Here's Zack Hemsey's official place for more on the composer.

A warm and sincere thank you to HANS ZIMMER for the nice talk.

Thursday, July 1, 2010

JOHN DEBNEY - iron man 2 (score) (2010 CD)

Product Details

* Audio CD (July 20, 2010)
* Original Release Date: 2010
* Number of Discs: 1
* Label: Sony

Track Listings
1. Ivan's Metamorphosis; Logo (Iron Man 2)
2. House Fight V1
3. Making Pepper CEO
4. Senate / Ivan Creates Drones; Senate\ Golf / Ivan Reassures Hammer
5. Make Way For Tomorrow - Expo Version
6. Rhodey Dons Suit
7. Dying Hero
8. Natalie Intro
9. Monaco Drive
10. Mayhem In Monaco; Mayhem In Monaco Pt 2 of 4\ Mayhem In Monaco Pt 3 of 4\ Mayhem In Monaco Pt 4 of 4
11. Jailhouse Talk
12. Ivan Escapes
13. Gun Show; Hammer's Gun Show\ Party's Over / Rhodey Dons Suit
14. Tony Discovers Dad's Secret
15. Sledgehammer V2
16. Nick Fury
17. New Element / Particle Accelerator; Model / Discovering Element\ Laser
18. Sledgehammer
19. New RT / To The Expo
20. Black Widow Kicks Ass
21. Iron Man Battles The Drones; Iron Man Arrives At Expo\ Flying Fight With Drones\ Drone Fight Cont'd
22. Ivan's Demise / The Kiss; Iron Man And War Machine Fight Whiplash\ Tony & Pepper On Rooftop
23. Thor
24. I Am Iron Man
25. Make Way For Tomorrow Today

More at

HEITOR PEREIRA - 'Despicable Me' (2010) - scoring session

scoring session material, from the recordings of 'DESPICABLE ME', courtesy of

See the material HERE.